Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Four Corners

Where to begin? We have a lot to talk about. First I will give you my thoughts on the brackets, predictions on the Final Four and some dark horse picks. Then I will handicap all 31 (No line on the Villanova game yet)

Those of you who have been reading The Truth know how much I like Uconn, as well as my love affair with Kansas and non-sexual crush on UCLA. Nothing on my end has changed. Uconn has the best talent and a pretty reasonable shot to get to the final game. They are my pick to win it all. There are a few other teams I considered as well, but ultimately I had to stick with the Huskies from Connecticut. If Uconn does not win it all, the title will be captured by one of these 4 teams; UCLA, Kansas, Memphis or Texas. Nobody else has a chance! Sorry to ruin your March.

If you are anything like me, gifted athlete and extremely bright, then you probably have filled out many brackets/pools. I have filled out 3. I think my favorite Final Four has UCLA defeating Texas and UConn defeating Florida with Uconn winning it all.

Who are the sleepers? I have three. I think Marquette and Texas A&M could make it to the Great 8 and Georgetown could advance as far as the Final Four. A lot has to go right for these teams to advance, but they have the components that make it a possibility.

Money’s Trip to the Bank
We are starting from scratch here. Records don’t mean a thing anymore. I will rate all 31 first round games. The more “$” signs, the more Money likes the game.

GEORGE MASON + 5 vs. Michigan state
PACIFIC +8 vs. Boston College
XAVIER +5.5 vs. Gonzaga
MARQUETTE -1.5 vs. Alabama
NC STATE -1 vs. Cal
WISCONSIN +1 vs. Arizona

OHIO STATE -9.5 vs. Davidson
BRADLEY +7 vs. Kansas
MONTANA +7 vs. Nevada
NO. IOWA +4 vs. Georgetown
WICHITA STATE -2 vs. Seton Hall
NC WILMINGTON +2.5 vs. George Washington
BELMONT +20 vs. Ucla
SO ILLINOIS + 4 vs. West Virginia
BUCKNELL +4.5 vs. Arkansas

FLORIDA -8 vs. South Alabama
PITTSBURGH -6 vs. Kent state
MURRAY STATE +12 vs. North Carolina
WINTHROP +7 vs. Tennessee
TEXAS A&M +1 vs. Syracuse
WASHINGTON -6 vs. Utah state
INDIANA -2.5 vs. San Diego state

MEMPHIS -13 vs. Oral Roberts
IONA + 7.5 vs. LSU
TEXAS -14.5 vs. Penn
UAB +2 vs. Kentucky
OKLAHOMA -2.5 vs. Wisc-Milw
AIR FORCE +9 vs. Illinois

ALBANY +22 vs. Connecticut
DUKE -25 vs. Southern

The Golden Rule: Take the highest over (LSU/Iona 147.5) and the lowest under (Air Force/Illinois 112).


Anonymous Dollar Bill said...

Thanks for your tips. On the first day of the tournament, I won enough on a four-game parlay to cover my year's subscription to The Truth, plus buy my wife a cubic zirconia and my dog a jeweled muzzle. I owe it all to The Truth

7:24 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Thanks for being so loyal to the Truth, your wife and your dog. We all appreciate it Dollar Bill.


11:00 AM  

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