Friday, September 29, 2006

Money kicked the dog

Poor Peso. Money had another poor outing; 2 more losses and a tie. I would say that Money has a good temperament. He lives his life in moderation, never getting too high during the positive times or too low during the negative times. But this time, he stepped over the line and kicked his dog, Peso. Don’t worry, Peso is fine. He deserved it though.

How does something like this happen? Is the pressure getting to Money? While it is a proven fact that Money is a college basketball expert, some fear that he still has quite a few things to learn about football. Is Money’s status as a celebrity getting to his head? It could be that Penny had a better weekend than Money did. Penny picked a winner, which is more than could be said for Money. To make matters worse, Penny did not realize she was betting on college football. Penny thought she was buying Prada boots from North Dakota on eBay.

Where does Money go from here? Like any good celebrity, Money has hired a publicist, Lil’ Kim, to help rebuild his image. Lil’ Kim has scheduled a press conference to make a few statements. The TRUTH has somehow received leaked testimony of what she is planning on telling the public about Money.

“When I see a man of his statue not responsive to picking winners in the NFL, I use my judgment to call 911.”

“Money is certainly depressed, but he knows that he is going to turn it around this weekend with 3 stone cold locks. Money has 78,000 reasons (plus a 10% bonus if he hits his number for the quarter) why he should still be alive in his survivor pool.”

“Money is so wise. He is like a miniature Buddha covered in hair”

Penny Pincher:
WISCONSIN -11 @ Indiana
LSU -33 vs. Miss State
UCLA -23.5 vs. Stanford

Money’s trip to the Bank:

PANTHERS -7.5 vs. Saints: The Saints are a better team than people think. With that said, they have no chance against the Panthers who are a different team with Steve Smith back. The Saints, coming off a short week, will definitely not play with the same emotion and passion shown on Monday night.

FALCONS -7 vs. Cardinals: On the flip side, the Falcons are a good team with a punishing defense. They had no chance to win on Monday night. The Saints would have beaten anybody in that game, and they embarrassed the Falcons. Atlanta will pull it together and make life miserable for Kurt Warner who will be benched by the end of the game.

PATRIOTS +6 @ Bengals: Mike Shanahan owns the Patriots and made them look silly at home. This line is an indication of last week’s performance, and not an indication of how good the Patriots are. I see a Patriots win here.


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