Friday, September 22, 2006

Week 3

It’s good to be back. While Money had a tough weekend, picking three losers, the overall response from the subscribers was quite positive. Money has a very loyal group of followers who understand what they are getting; an expert in college hoops. That is a proven fact! Is Money an expert in football? Here at The Truth, we say YES to this question as well. The response from the subscribers backs up our feelings. Here is some direct feedback.

“I almost hit this parlay. One bad bounce in each game, plus an additional 21 points and we would have had all three of them” – First Class

“I'm gonna shoot you with a BB gun when you're not looking. Yep, back of the head.” – Ron Burgundy

“Thanks for the great picks. You are on fire Money. Your kids could probably pick the games better than you. I will never read your blog again!” - Clock watcher

Our goal at The Truth is to provide our subscribers with information on all sports that they would not otherwise see elsewhere. Our tireless effort makes it all worth it when we receive such positive feedback from the people we care the most about; our loyal subscribers. In sticking with this theme, we thought we would heed the advice from Clock watcher. No, we are not going to ask Money’s son, Franc, for gambling advice. Franc has a passion for the game, but more from a purist point of view. He likes the teams with animal names. Instead, this week we will look to Money’s wife, Penny, for some picks. This should help Money as he gets through this rough patch of picking losers. This will give our viewers the chance to read another expert opinion.

What are Penny’s credentials and why should we listen to her?
- Penny attended the 49ers/Cowboys game where Dwight Clark made “The catch”.
- Penny played catcher on her softball team when she was 5.
- Penny can juggle.
- Penny enjoys soup and not talking.
- Penny was a history major at Cal.

Penny Pincher:
OHIO STATE – 16.5 vs. Penn State
NOTRE DAME -3 at Michigan State
WEST VIRGINIA -21 at East Carolina

Money’s trip to the Bank:
49ERS +6 vs. Eagles – The Eagles are not that good and the Niners are not that bad.
STEELERS -2 vs. Bengals – Big Ben will play better this week.
VIKINGS +3 vs. Bears – I think I am the only person in the nation that does not like the Bears.


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Penny sounds a lot more qualified than you Money.

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