Friday, June 30, 2006

Who made Money proud?

Money started off strong nailing the first pick with the big European stiff, but then went into a bit of slump missing the next several (or all) of the remaining picks. But this draft is not about Money, it is about the mustard colored suits (Thank you Mouhamed Saer Sene) and figuring out the Winners and the Isiahs (losers).

Money Plays:

Indiana: I have seen some poor comments on the Pacer’s draft choices of Shawne Williams and James White, but I like them both. Both of these guys are great athletes and could be steals where they were drafted. They both could suck really badly too, but I bet they won’t. I like drafting guys like these, especially later in the draft, and I applaud the Pacers on this draft.

LA Clippers: Wow. Who are these guys? The Clippers turned a lot of heads in the playoffs this year and now choose two solid players, both in the second round. Paul Davis is a good player, although his ceiling has probably been hit, who will help this team. Guillermo Diaz is an incredible athlete, great shooter and a fantastic pick at 52.

LA Lakers: Money is not a fan of the second round pick, but is really impressed with Farmar at 26. What a great situation for the Bruin. He will start and will succeed there. Good choice in coming out early.

Memphis: Incredible draft. Don’t ask me how they were able to get Rudy Gay at #8 for Shane Battier. Rudy Gay could have easily been the #1 pick this year. Aside from obtaining Gay, they picked up Kyle Lowry, point guard from Villanova and Alexander Johnson from FSU. All three players have a great shot of helping the team next season.

New Jersey: As a Cal graduate and a Pac 10 fan, I love this team. Jason Kidd runs the point and throws the ball off the glass to his UofA buddy Richard Jefferson. Now they add Hassan Adams into the mix? Combine this with the 2 UConn players, Williams and Boone, and this team comes out on top with the best draft. Williams, while lacking common sense and being slightly pudgy is the best point guard in the draft. One side note here; Uconn should be embarrassed that they did not win the title last year. 4 players drafted in the first round, their fifth starter, Denham Brown, taken in the second round. What a joke. They really did not like playing for Calhoun.

Utah: The Jazz are such a boring team, but maybe they are starting to turn things around. They made three great picks. Ronnie Brewer was graded out as the best athlete in the draft and could work out nicely. Dee Brown will get a chance to play with his Illinois backcourt mate Deron Williams again and Paul Millsap does all the dirty work down low.

On the clock for 2007:

New York: Isiah Thomas is hearing it, as he should be. Renaldo Balkman is a terrible pick. He plays with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He sounds more like a dancer then a first round pick.

Boston: Danny Ainge needs to settle down. First he trades for Sebastian Telfair, who is a talented, but extremely young and raw point guard. So who does he pick up? Another talented, but young and raw point guard in Rajon Rondo. That does not make sense to me. Ainge does deserve credit for trading for Leon Powe.

Houston: I know there are financial reasons why trading Battier to the Grizzlies for the #8 pick makes sense. I think you throw those reasons out the window if Gay is sitting there at #8. Whoops.

Orlando: Both picks are horrible. JJ Redick will never get a shot off and James Augustine is worthless.

Sacramento: Quincy Douby is a good shooter, but he should not have been picked with other players, such as Marcus Williams, Farmar or even Shannon Brown still available.


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