Monday, October 02, 2006

What happened to the Cardinals?

How can a team with NL MVP candidate Albert Pujols and NL Cy Young candidate Chris Carpenter be thought of so poorly for post season success? Check out this article on espn with all of the "experts" and their picks to win the world series;
Of the 17 experts at Espn one person, Enrique Rojas picked the Cardinals to get past the Padres. Huh? I know the question everyone is asking. Who the hell is Enrique Rojas? No, that's not it. The Padres are favored to beat the Cardinals? I am not saying that I think the Cardinals, or the Padres for that matter are world beaters, but the Cardinals should not be considered that big of an underdog. They gambled that they could still beat the Brewers on the last day of the season without Carpenter to keep him fresh and the gamble paid off when the Astros lost. Carpenter will pitch twice in the division series. Albert Pujols is one of the best hitters in the game, and Scott Rolen is no longer hurt. I am taking the Cardinals in this series.

The other trend I hear is that NY will face NY in the world series. I don't buy that for one moment. I do believe that both the Yankees and Mets have the best offensive teams of the 8 remaining clubs, but their pitching has a lot to be desired. Even though I predicted the Mets to win it all this year at the beginning of the season,
I have the right to change my mind 6 months later.

Yankees over the Tigers: The Tigers played so great this year and should be congratulated on their fantastic season. So, Congratulations, and goodbye. This is a sweep by the Yankees.

A's over the Twins: I love the Twins bullpen, their 3-4 hitters, and their Ace. Beyond that, they don't have much. Their number 2 starter, Garza, was in AAA two months ago. The A's have the best starting pitchers of any team in baseball now. They are not totally healthy, and could implode, but my money is on them being dominant. They have a nice bullpen and enough offense to outscore the other team.

Cardinals over the Padres: I am not fond of either team, but since everyone is writing off the Cardinals, I will take them.

Dodgers over the Mets: They have better pitching than the Mets, and a strong closer. The top of their lineup is fast and can get on base for Kent and Drew. The same could be said for the Mets and Reyes and Wright. The Mets are under so much pressure to win. Will they do it? After Pedro went down, their title hopes went with him.

A's over Yankees: This will be a great series. The Yankees dominance of the A's in the post season ends this year. Memories of Giambi not sliding and Jeter playing hero will evaporate.

Dodgers or Cardinals: I am off my soap box for the Cardinals now. The Dodgers are going to run away with the NL crown.

World Series:
A's over the Dodgers. Is Kirk Gibson on the roster? No? OK, I will take the A's. The east coast media will be shocked.


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