Friday, October 06, 2006

Luke! Luke, don't - it's a trap! It's a trap!

Before Leia can finish, she is pulled through a doorway and disappears from sight. Luke races after the group, leaving little Artoo trailing behind. I think Leia is on to something this weekend. There seems to be a lot of games that Vegas is begging us to bet on.

This pains me to say this but Oregon is a better team than Cal. They both have great offenses, Cal’s is better, but the difference here is on the defensive side, where the Ducks are better. Oregon should be favored in this game. I will be rooting for Cal, but the Money is on Oregon (+5.5).

In the NFL, Kansas City destroyed the Niners last weekend 41-0 at Arrowhead stadium. Should we start rolling out the red carpet for their trip to the superbowl? Not exactly. The Chefs (-3) are not that good. They will be playing Matt Leinart and the cardinals. Leinart is a lot more prepared to handle the reins in the NFL than his buddy Vince Young. They are capable of winning this game. The Rams (-3) are suddenly a potent offense that will come into Lambeau field and roll over the Packers at home. They might, but I would not bet on it. Giants (-4.5) playing at home versus the Redskins looks like a good game to bet on. The Giants are desperate and the Redskins probably are not as good as they look. But the Giants are 1-9 coming off bye weeks.

My advice, stay away from all of these games.

Money and Penny had a nice weekend. Collectively they went 4-2. They shared a nice moment, toasting each other on their victories, while enjoying the sunset from their vacation home in Carmel.

Penny Pincher

LSU +2 @ Florida
LSU is the 3rd best team in college football.

MICHIGAN -15 vs. Michigan state
If LSU is the 3rd best team in college football the Wolverines are the most underrated.

NOTRE DAME -29.5 vs. Stanford
I am not a fan of Notre Dame, but Stanfurd is HORRIBLE. Brady Quinn is trying to win a Heisman and the Irish need to gain some credibility back with the voters.

Money’s trip to the Bank:

49ers -3.5 vs. Raiders
Both teams are bad, but the Niners still have heart.

COLTS -18.5 vs. Titans

SAINTS -6.5 vs. Bucs
I’m buying the Saints now. They play hard and are a good team. Bush is ready for his break out game. The Buccaneers are starting a rookie quarterback. I have never heard of him and can’t spell his name.

BRONCOS -4 vs. Ravens
Underrated Broncos beat up overrated Ravens.

Baseball lovers: Take the Padres to beat the Cardinals in Game 3 at St. Louis. Chris Young over Jeff Suppan.


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