Friday, November 24, 2006

Giving Thanks

Money has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. The good news is in this era of the internet, I can share these thoughts with you.

Money is thankful for Al Gore, the inventor of the internet.

Money is thankful for Mrs. A, the loyal reader and a producer of great knowledge to The Truth.

Money is thankful that the Dodgers spent 45 Million dollars on Juan Pierre, a guy who steals 60 bases and does nothing else.

Money is thankful that he did not take his family down to see the Cal/USC game in LA.

Money is thankful that before the season started, he wrote off both the Warriors and 49ers. He will remain off the bandwagon for the good of both teams.

Money is thankful for halftime bets.

Money is thankful that he is not the Athletic Director at Cal. Otherwise he would fire Tedford for never winning a (not The) big game.

Money is thankful that the college basketball season has started.

Money is thankful he traded for Tony Romo in his fantasy league.

Money is thankful for Ocho Cinco, one of the most enjoyable football players to watch.

Money is thankful to have football to watch on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

Please share with me what you are thankful for.

College Picks:

FLORIDA STATE +9.5 vs. Florida
Let me be the first to state this; Florida is a very ordinary team.

USC -7 vs. Notre Dame
The Irish can not play defense. They will be able to score, but they won't be able to stop the Trojans.

NEVADA +3 vs. Boise State
Finally a loss for this plucky team. It was sure nice thinking about the BCS, wasn't it?

Pro Picks:
VIKINGS -6 vs. Cardinals
The vikings are not that great of a team, but they will beat the Cardinals by more than a TD.

PATRIOTS -3 vs. Bears
The underrated Pats, will destroy the overrated Bears.

STEELERS +3 @ Ravens
I just don't buy into this Ravens team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thankful for Money and his insightful and interesting columns (such as this one). How did he know about Tony Romo? But he should lay off Tedford.

However, I think Money should fire the guy who makes his picks. I have learned to recognize the picker's biases, overlook them,and make a lot of money betting against them. His biases include Florida and all of the SEC and Boise State, which will not lose again until they play on a non-blue, real grass field, below an elevation of 3500 feet.--Dollar Bill

8:34 AM  
Blogger Money said...

Dollar Bill,
My bias on the SEC won't come out until bowl season. Up to this point, the SEC teams have been playing each other and I have been betting on them in some form. I do think the SEC is overrated, but I have not published this thought yet, so you must have inside information.

Tedford is a rumored candidate for the head coaching job at Alabama. This is not what I had in mind though. I don't want him to leave unless Cal has a proven winner lined up. Cal is right there at the top with college football's best. They just have to take the next step. The Holiday Bowl can no longer be thought of as a good season.

I hope for a USC Ohio state game. But I don't think it will happen. I think UCLA beats USC this weekend. That will put Florida or Michigan in the title match. I don't want to see Florida in the championship game and we already saw Michigan play the buckeyes.

Thanks for reading.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the forum created by Money. Now if you degenerates like myself will just follow Mrs. A's advice, I imagine you will start sending Royalties my way.

Pacific -3.5 vs a lousy USF team that had one lucky game this year.

Ohio State +7 vs North Carolina, many reasons why this game is close the entire game.

Blowout special,
Memphis -24 vs Arkansas State. This game will be full of turnovers, blocked shots, and alley-hoops!

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

additional information.

After 2 for 2 last night, I will put out 2 more early.

Pacific -3.5 vs USF, USF is famous for a good game followed by an egg on the road. Pacific is well coached, disciplined, experienced at home. (aka, cerebral) USF is not!

Ohio State +7 at North Carolina. All of these challenge games are close, and I am not sure that North Carolina is really any better than OSU. It is basically a McDonalds game full of highlights and Greg Oden may block a few shots from the bench in his suit. He will likely get as much camera time from Dickie V as will Roy Williams. Neither one of them will make a shot, but Oden’s presence will affect the pregame routine, when everyone wants to come over and give him a pre-game fist bump or five!

A on fire

8:06 AM  

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