Friday, November 10, 2006

Boredom betting

Why do we bet on games? Gambling experts state most gamblers are ex-athletes unable to turn the page from their high school varsity football place holder duties looking for that same adrenaline rush? I don’t buy it. Most bets are done out of boredom or convenience.

If you have kids and they go down for a nap, your next move will be to turn on the TV. If Illinois is playing Minnesota, we will bet on it. I can’t name one person on Illinois, other than Jeff George, but I still think I know who will win the game. Not the smartest move, but the reality. We all love being right, so why not get paid for it?

Avoiding boredom bets will increase your chance of winning. You are still going to lose more bets than you make, but being smart about it will allow you play a few weeks longer before your money runs out.

…The Rutgers victory over Louisville really opened up the National title contender possibilities. Which team did the Louisville loss help the most? I believe Texas is the winner. A case can be made for Florida because if they win the rest of their games, they should be in, but that is a lot to ask Florida to do. The SEC is so tough. Their schedule is not too tough, but every game in that league is a dog fight. This week Florida is at home against South Carolina and Steve Spurrier, next week they play Western Carolina and then they finish off the regular season at Florida state in a rivalry game. They will likely square off against either Arkansas or Auburn in the SEC title game. If they win all these games, they will play the winner of the Ohio state/Michigan game. I think they will fall, so I give the nod to Texas.

Texas plays at Kansas state this week and then Texas A&M at home the following week. The championship game will likely be played against Nebraska. All three games Texas will be favored by 7-17 points. USC has the toughest schedule of all contenders and for that reason, they stand a chance to get to the title game if they win all four games; Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame, @UCLA. Not likely though. They lose to Oregon this weekend.

Cal has a shot, but they need to blowout Arizona this weekend and obviously beat USC and Stanford. They need help though. Florida, Auburn and Texas would all have to lose. If they win out, they will at least assure themselves of a Rose Bowl bid against the Michigan/Ohio state loser. That would be a fantastic game.

I’m bored. On to the picks.

College picks

WEST VIRGINIA -18 vs. Cincinnati
This will be one pissed off Mountaineer team.

INDIANA +19 vs. Michigan
Michigan is just waiting around to play Ohio State.

ARIZONA +14 vs. Cal
This will be a tough game for Cal, who will no doubt be thinking about their big showdown versus USC next week. Big mistake by Cal, but we have to remember, these are just kids.

OREGON +8.5 @ usc
The ducks are a turnover machine but they catch USC dreaming about their game next weekend against Cal.

MARYLAND -3 vs. Miami
The hurricanes are banged up and emotionally spent. Football is the last thing on their mind.

GEORGIA +12.5 @ Auburn
Too many points to give up in a rivalry game. Auburn is not blowing anybody out.

NFL picks

49ERS +6 @ Detroit
The Lions are not good enough to give anyone 6 points.

BRONCOS -9 @ Raiders
Shanahan hates the Raiders and will run up the score.

RAMS +3.5 @ Seattle
I can’t back the Seahawks without Hasselbeck and Alexander.

BEARS +1.5 @ NY Giants
The Giants are really, really hurting at all positions. This game means a lot more to the Bears.

EAGLES -7 vs. Redskins
The eagles will punish the redskins who are coming off a lucky victory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. A is back just to help some folks win some money. I have been testing my knowledge in a little early season NBA and college. I know you all want some action, and are happy if you get the entertainment value with minimal losses. With that in mind, here are 3 NBA and 3 College games that will keep in you the money, and maybe make you some.

Warriors -5.5
Rockets +1.5
Charlotte +8.5

Air Force -8
Northern Iowa +9
San Jose State +14.5

11:13 AM  
Blogger Money said...

Mrs. A
Thanks for the picks and input. I must say your picks remind me of the days when I could not pick winners. Times flies. Look at me now. Keep on picking them, eventually we start getting them right!

1:49 PM  

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