Friday, October 20, 2006


The fall classic will square off with the team of destiny vs. the Genius that is Tony LaRussa. Great pitching, timely offense and sound defense. Please, don’t insult my intelligence. We are trying to put lipstick on a pig. What happened? And why are we left with the Detroit Tigers playing the St. Louis Cardinals for the championship? The Cardinals are less of an anomaly, as many predicted them to reach the World Series at the beginning of the year. It was their struggle since the All-star break that had everyone second guessing this team. The Tigers simply put, are playing their best baseball in the month of October. This happens. They won’t be back next year (See the Chicago White Sox of last year).

They say good pitching beats good hitting and I agree with this theory, but you still need to hit the ball. If good pitching wins, then we would be watching the Padres or Dodgers in the World Series, or even the Marlins or Giants. You need more than good pitching. Pitching a ball 100 mph is an unnatural event and pitchers come and go. One year ago Bobby Jenks is un-hittable. The next year he is big and fat. So let’s alter this statement a bit. Good pitching beats good hitting, but if you want to win it all, you still better have some good hitters, because your pitchers can’t carry you all the way.

The Tigers win this series in a sweep and send the Cardinals home losers. I am sick of both of these teams.

Speaking of Cardinal losers:

The Arizona Cardinals were on the verge of the biggest victory in their sorry franchise history. They forgot how they got the lead (Leinert) and tried to run the ball and the clock out. No offensive touchdowns for the bears were offset by 2 defensive touchdowns and one punt return for a TD. They still had time for one more drive and the new “Cool Joe Montana” calmly led them down the field for the winning kick. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, the kicker missed the game winning field goal. Nice going Finkel. Or is it Einhorn? Next opportunity, Matt Leinert will drive them all the way down for a touchdown and do it himself. He is going to be awesome. I was ready to crown their ass!

Did you see the game?

The Stanford Cardinal has built a fantastic new stadium to accommodate their 3,000 person fan base. The problem is Stanford sucks. And at 0-7 they have nothing to look forward to other than their 95% graduation rate. Put down the chemistry beaker and figure out how to score a touchdown.

On to the picks.


NEBRASKA +5.5 vs. Texas.
This will make Uncle Dick happy. Texas true freshman QB McCoy will come up short.

NOTRE DAME -13.5 vs. ucla.
The Irish will get killed when they play a quality opponent. UCLA is not a quality opponent.

TENNESSEE -11.5 vs. Alabama
Alabama can’t score. Tennessee does not know how to stop.

GA TECH +7.5 @ Clemson
Nine out of the past ten games have been decided by 5 points or less

WHY NOT? These guys cover every week

OHIO STATE -30.5 vs. Indiana
CAL -23 vs. Washington


NEW ENGLAND -5.5 @ Buffalo
Two teams going in totally opposite directions.

CAROLINA +3 @ Cincinnati
The Bengals offensive line is a mess. Julian Peppers will make things difficult on this high powered offense.

CLEVELAND +5.5 vs. Denver
This is not so much an endorsement on the Browns as it a lack of confidence in the Broncos offense.

OAKLAND +3 vs. Arizona
Leinert is great. The Raiders are awful. Take the Raiders, but don’t watch the game.

CHIEFS +5.5 vs. San Diego
Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, there is some good NFL knowledge here. I think you need to lay-off the college over picking.

Also, get off the Tiger bandwagon, every idiots thinks they will win it all, so pick the Cards, and hopefully Kenny Rogers will know when to fold em before he gets caught pulling the Phil Niekro

9:09 AM  
Blogger Money said...

Thanks for reading Mrs. Anonymous. For the NFL, I picked every game and then went opposite of my favorite picks. I am a genius.

I think you are right about the Cardinals. Nobody has given them a chance (except Money in the first round), therefore they probably will win.

I read in one of Blogger forums (you don't have access) that it was not pine tar on K Rogers hand, but poop.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some of the greatest prognosticators of all time are women. Do not take a shot at my knowledge. The power of the pussy goes a long way.

Mrs. A

10:03 AM  

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