Friday, December 15, 2006

Wanted: Some wins and a cat

I am not going to sugarcoat this one. Money had a bad weekend and the public has spoken.

1) Dollar Bill called Money out and gave him 3-1 odds that he would lose all of his bets.
B – Peeps for Thumbs took my cat after his Broncos were routed.
IV) It got so bad that 50 cent (Dollar Bill’s son) critiqued Money on movies quotes.

Is it time for Money to hang it up? The readers say yes, but Money is no quitter. We will trudge along; bet against Money if you like. The picks will keep coming, as well as the clever wit.

NFL picks:

49ERS +9.5 @ Seahawks
Bad weather conditions slow the game down in the first half, but the niners stay true to the run game and pound the Seahawks at home to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

JETS +3 @ Vikings
Don’t quit on this spunky team. Mangini deserves a lot of credit for having this team in competition for the playoffs.

CHIEFS +9 @ San Diego
I am playing the death card here. The chiefs win one for the gipper, their fallen GM Lamar Hunt.

College Hoops:

Slow week due to finals for these college kids. The smart ones are paying people to take the tests for them.

No lines yet, but lots of thoughts:

WISCONSIN over Pitt. I am guessing this line is around -4 Wisconsin. Pitt is so completely overrated and Wisconsin so completely good. This will be a double digit victory for the Badgers.

Southern Illinois will travel to Indiana where the Hoosiers will fall due to the suffocating defense of the Salukis.

WESTERN KENTUCKY over Tennessee. Everybody knows about Tennessee and Chris Lofton. Not everyone knows about Courney Lee and Western Kentucky.

College bowl game selections coming soon!!!!!!!!!! Be wary of the favorites.


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