Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nick the Dick

If you are a college football player why in the world would you ever play for Nick Saban at Alabama? I was listening to his press conference when he was introduced as the Alabama head coach and I just about threw up all over my seaside pearl package #6 Prius.

I am paraphrasing here, but he spoke about integrity, and helping create better people not just football kids. This clown got rewarded for being dishonest and a phony. He is sending the wrong message, which is it does not matter how you succeed, just as long as you do it.

I hope he falls flat on his bat fat face.

…I have been asked by readers to stop predicting football games, both college and pro, and to start focusing on college hoops. I will heed this advice but not without predicting the playoffs:

Wild Card:
New England over the Jets
Indy over the Chefs
Dallas over Seattle
Eagles over the Giants

Divisional playoffs
San Diego over the Patriots
Colts over Baltimore
Chicago over Dallas
Eagles over the Bears

Conference playoffs
Chargers over Colts
Eagles over Bears

Superbowl XLI
Eagles over Chargers

College hoops:

GEORGIA +15 at Florida
Way too many points

GEORGIA TECH +6 at Clemson
I’ve got a Georgia state of mind. I love this pick.

UCLA -2.5 at Oregon
ARIZONA -2.5 at Washington state
How can you not take these two teams right now? They are playing at such a high level now.


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