Monday, December 18, 2006

Let's go Bowling!

32 bowl games? Are you kidding me? I would say that there are a handful of meaningful games and the rest is just a big pile of Poop. Butt, if you place on bet on these insignificant games, they now are significant to you. Let’s go through them and I will rate them by dollar signs. 5 $ is one of my top games and 1 $ means Money thinks you should walk away from the game and play Bingo with your kid.

As I have said all week long, if you pick more than 10 favorites, you are doing something wrong. Money must be doing something wrong. Convince yourself that you need to take the favorite, and there better be a pretty compelling reason.

December 19
TCU vs. Northern Illinois
Pick: Northern Illinois + 12 ($$$$)
Let’s jump right into this and take the underdog in the first bowl game.

December 21
Las Vegas
BYU vs. Oregon
Pick: Oregon +3.5 ($$)
I am not real enamored with this pick, but it is an underdog. The ducks are a talented team but they have really underachieved all year. Go with the Power conference here getting some points.

December 22
New Orleans
Rice vs. Troy
Pick: Troy +4 ($)
I have no clue what either team offers. I can’t even name a mascot in this one. Great night to rekindle your relationship with your wife

December 23
East Carolina vs. South Florida
Pick: South Florida -3 ($$$)
Money’s first favorite. This should be a high scoring game, and 3 points is not too much to ask for in this high scoring game.

December 23
New Mexico
New Mexico vs. San Jose State
Pick: San Jose State +3.5 ($)
I suppose I could give the edge to New Mexico as they are playing this game in their home state, but the Spartans appear better on paper, so I am taking the underdog here as well.

December 23
Armed Forces
Utah vs. Tulsa
Pick: Tulsa +1.5 ($$$$$)
This will be a home game/crowd for Tulsa, who should route a very mediocre Utah team.

December 24
Hawaii vs. Arizona State
Pick: Hawaii -7 ($$$$$)
I love this game. ASU is without a coach and the kids are in Hawaii on a dream vacation. Curfew? What curfew?

December 26
Motor City
Central Mich. vs. Middle Tennessee
Pick: Middle Tennessee +10 ($$$$)
A team that just lost its coach to Cincinnati is giving 10 points? Thank you, I’ll take them

December 27
Florida State vs. UCLA
Pick: UCLA -4.5 ($$$)
UCLA will try and build off their fantastic victory over USC. They should have a good following as the fans just travel up north to San Francisco. Keep an eye of Fagg of FSU. He could be the difference-maker.

December 28
Oklahoma State vs. Alabama
Pick: Oklahoma state -2.5 ($$$$)
A good rule of thumb is that if you have not hired a coach, then you probably have not prepared too much for this game. Bring back Mike Price and the strippers!

December 28
California vs. Texas A&M
Pick: Texas A &M +5 ($$$$)
The Bears won’t be up for this game. If it were Texas or Nebraska or Oklahoma they would be, but they don’t know anything about A&M so they take the game lightly and lose.

December 28
Rutgers vs. Kansas State
Pick: Kansas State +7.5 ($$$)
Rutgers had a good season but they are probably a bit disappointed this early in the bowl season.

December 29
Music City
Clemson vs. Kentucky
Pick: Kentucky +10 ($$$$$)
Clemson was playing for a BCS bowl, not this toilet bowl. I think their play will reflect this.

December 29
Oregon State vs. Missouri
Pick: Oregon state -3.5 ($$)
The Beavers had a good season and are more than capable of pulling this one off.

December 29
Houston vs. South Carolina
Pick: Houston +7.5 ($$$)
I think the SEC is overrated.

December 29
Minnesota vs. Texas Tech
Pick: Texas Tech -6.5 ($$$)
The red raiders like to throw the ball. The gophers like to run the ball. The red raiders will do their thing better

December 29
Champs Sports
Purdue vs. Maryland
Pick: Purdue +2.5 ($$)
Both of these teams limped into this bowl game. Do I have to pick a winner? Ok, I’ll take the underdog.

December 30
Meineke Car Care
Navy vs. Boston College
Pick: Navy +6.5 ($$$$)
Having to play Navy in a bowl game is about as bad as it gets. Impossible to prepare for. BC’s coach is off to better pastures.

December 30
Iowa vs. Texas
Pick: Iowa +10.5 ($$$)
Texas may be pissed after losing their last game and come in hungry and focused. I think they are more pissed that they are not playing for a national championship and they sleepwalk through this game.

December 30
Virginia Tech vs. Georgia
Pick: Virginia Tech -2.5 ($$$)
Again, the SEC is overrated and Frank Beamer excels in games like this. Va Tech wins this game on a blocked punt.

December 31
MPC Computers
Miami (Fla.) vs. Nevada
Pick: Miami -3 ($)
Yuck. This game is awful, but a part of me thinks that the new head coach (the defensive coordinator) will keep this team motivated and use this as a springboard for next season.

January 1
Penn State vs. Tennessee
Pick: Tennessee -4 ($$$$)
The SEC is overrated but Penn State is not very good.

January 1
Auburn vs. Nebraska
Pick: Nebraska +2.5 ($$$$)
How does Auburn score any points? Their offense sucks.

January 1
Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia
Pick: West Virginia -7 ($$)
This game should showcase a lot of NFL talent. I will take the team with more.

January 1
Capital One
Wisconsin vs. Arkansas
Pick: Wisconsin +1 ($$$$$)
Nobody has talked about Wisconsin all year because Ohio state and Michigan did so well. The Badgers are right up there with them.

January 1
Michigan vs. USC
Pick: Michigan +1 ($$$$$)
This should be a great game if both teams show up to play. Why wouldn’t they? Bus breaks down? Michigan has a better bus.

January 1
Boise State vs. Oklahoma
Pick: Boise State +7.5 ($$$$)
We can thank Adrian Peterson and his return from injury for the .5 increase in the line. That seals it for me.

January 2
Louisville vs. Wake Forest
Pick: Louisville -9.5 ($$)
Louisville’s offense is explosive. Wake Forest is out of place here.

January 3
Notre Dame vs. LSU
Pick: LSU -9 ($)
9 points is a lot, and it surprises me how high it is. The SEC is overrated, but ND is just a golden helmet. I probably should be taking the underdog here, but I just can’t.

January 6
Western Michigan vs. Cincinnati
Pick: Western Michigan +8 ($$$$)
This game seems a bit out of place. Why are they playing on Jan 6? Is this tape delayed from Canada? Nevertheless, I will bet against the team that has a new coach.

January 7
Ohio vs. Southern Mississippi
Pick: Ohio +6.5 ($)
Flip a coin.

January 8
BCS Title Game
Ohio State vs. Florida
Pick: Ohio State -7.5 ($$$$$)
While Florida does belong in this title game, they will be no match for the Buckeyes

Post a comment below with your locks!


Blogger 50 Cent said...

50 Cent is coming out of semi-retirement to restore some order to the "gamblers" posting to this site.

I am sitting here with my 4 day old daughter (she is wearing a Northern Illinois unitard) and explaining how a missed PAT in a 13.5 spread is a gift if you took the underdog.

other pearls of wisdom being discussed that passed over Dollar Bill and all together skipped Money:

1) never bet with your heart or let the television schedule dictate who you are betting on.

2) always split aces and eights. I know...everyone (should) know this, but why? Because a two and 16 is a horrible hand and at that point your goal is to win just one and get out without losing anything.

3) always double down on eleven. Never split tens. Period. Don't be that person.

4) contrary to Money I believe you should always take a favorite over an underdog when in doubt. Much better to pull for a good team to cover than hope a bad team keeps it close.

5) always bet against Notre Dame. Their fanatical fan base always results in an inflated line.

6) don't try bluffing when playing poker in a casino. Unless you are involved in a very high stakes game (none of you are) it simply won't work. There is always one person willing to pay to see what you have.

7) Don't make fun of the dealer or other people at the table. Ideally, don't speak to anyone else at the table. You are not there to make friends.

8) When in doubt during March madness go opposite of Money. Money managed to go 0 for 16 one time in Las Vegas. Sadly, this is a true story.

50 Cent's locks of the bowl season.

Hawaii -8 over ASU. Can you a team with more talent blatantly quitting in the middle of a season more than ASU? There will be no emotional win for their lame duck coach -- they don't like him.

Louisville - 10 over Wake Forest. This line should be at least 14.

6:09 PM  
Blogger 50 Cent said...

an additional gambling amendment. I will call it the sin city factor. I am expecting some announcements before tonight's Las Vegas Bowl kicks off. I expect Oregon to have suspend or bench for the first half several of their players for disciplinary reasons. I don't expect BYU to make a similar announcement. Teams like Oregon always seem to get in trouble in Vegas.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous thumbs up said...

i have to agree with 50 cent regarding the "what stays in " vegas bowl. as the BYU players are tucking in their 4 kids and 18 year old wives, i have "visions of" Oregon players at the the Crazy Horse II in the champagne room ordering the bowl-game delight. go cougars for 32 points or 2 dimes.
stay tuned for more stocking stuffers.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Great insight 50 Cent. Keep it coming. Nice call on the BYU game.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Money said...

The schoolboy BYU thing in Vegas vs. the Oregon strip club team makes sense. Additionally your analogy of the kids and wife really drove your point home THUMBS.

Good call.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Money, regarding Team VerASSity, i have to ponder one question. why would anyone who obviously reads your article attempt to copy your picks? could it be your spectacular winning percentage or maybe they are hoping for a march madness repeat of 0 for 16.

12:10 PM  

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