Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ladainian; Cut your nails

If any of you have seen the cover of Sports Illustrated, you know what I am talking about. His nails are too long. That is disgusting. I love his humility, but until he cuts those nails I am backing Larry Johnson of the Chiefs, and betting against you this week.

Money and his underdogs have not gotten off to a good start in the bowls games, but our scientific research still points to this advantage. Money says to be patient.

Keep checking Money's Bowl predictions and offer up any comments you may have on future locks. 50 Cent and Thumbs for fingers predicted the BYU blowout. That was an obvious omission from Money, a frequent Vegas insider. Taking the whole "vegas experience" a step further and learning from it, makes Money think the Hawaii pick is a great one. The ASU coach is on his way out, but still coaching the team. The "sundevils" are in Hawaii for an all expenses trip. They will be surfing (without sunblock) and partying it up all night, with no regard for a curfew and no thoughts on a football game until kickoff. Meanwhile, UH is good team with a Heisman candidate QB will be playing at home. Blowout.

Great games in college hoops today. Texas at Tennessee should be a close game, where I give the edge to the Volunteers. UCLA is playing at home against Michigan, where two defensive-minded teams will duke it out. It should be a low scoring game, but UCLA will pull it off (by 10 points). My readers need locks though. Here they are:

College Hoops:

DEPAUL -6 vs. Cal
Bear fans have seen this before. Trip across the country to play an underrated team in Depaul. Do this now without your best player, Hardin, who is out with a broken foot. Thank you Cal, for another year of mediocrity.

OHIO STATE +5.5 @ Florida
Al Horford may not play, Brewer will be coming back from his sickness and will be rusty. Florida will still play and they are deep, but Ohio State will be better. Oden will abuse skinny little Noah.

LSU -23 vs. Louisiana Tech
Bounce back game for the tigers after an embarrassing loss to the huskies.

NFL picks (for those of you still paying attention to Money):

HOUSTON +9 vs. Indy
Did you see how good the colts were last week? They are back! Now watch them play to the level of their opponent and keep this game close.

CLEVELAND -3 vs. Tampa Bay
Not sure why I like this team. They really suck, but they play hard. The Bucs are worse try less. Plus the weather will be awful, just like Rattay.

SEATTLE +4.5 vs. San Diego
I love the home dogs, plus the whole finger nail thing as explained above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

5-3 in bowl games thus far, not good, not bad, we are still making a little bit of money! I guess Florida's big guys can still play at home when the lights are on. AS I stated earlier, Florida is a lock for the final four. The will lose when nothing is on the line, but will show up when needed. UCLA also is looking very good, and will only have one hiccup in league, probably losing at Oregon State, when least expected.

I can't wait for March Baby!
Mrs. A

9:31 AM  

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