Friday, January 19, 2007

America's team

Everybody loves the Saints. How can you not with the tragedy that occurred in New Orleans, Drew Brees, Sean Peyton and Reggie Bush? They have one of the best offenses in the league. They will fun to watch in the superbowl, or at least that is what every NFL analysts thinks. Everywhere I turn on ESPN, I hear how the Saints are going to win this game. This entire country is rooting/betting for the Saints, and that is precisely why I will be going against them. This Saints team is running on the same emotion that fueled Loyola Marymount in the NCAA tournament when Hank Gathers died. But emotion can take you only so far. Don't forget that this Saints team was the second worst team in the NFL last year.

Don't get wrong, I would love the Saints to win and I am pulling for them as well. I can't stand this Bears team and Rex GROSSman. But to expect Cinderella to come into Soldier field and beat the Bears is unrealistic. Vegas is begging us to take the Bears at -2.5 and I will. This line will be -2 or -1.5 by kickoff.

Bears -2.5

I can't make up my mind on the second game. I don't want to bet against Brady or Manning. I like both quarterbacks. I would like Manning to be viewed in a better light so I am going with the colts. My edge goes to Bob Sanders on the defensive side versus a gimpy Rodney Harrison.

Reluctantly, I will take the Colts -3.5


Great games this weekend, as usual.

ILLINOIS +2 vs. Wisconsin
Wisconsin is my pick to play (and lose in the national title game). They are still great, but this will be a tough game for them to win.

ARIZONA +6 @ Ucla
Arizona has not been playing, but I can't resist taking this many points.

AIR FORCE -11.5 vs. San Diego State
The aztecs have the joy of playing this great "angry" team.

TEXAS A&M -9.5 vs Oklahoma state
Anything left in the tank after that 3OT game vs. Texas? A&M will punish the cowboys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money-- Good job on the NFL! Are you thanking the same source as Tony Dungy and the Colts owner? That's God. Maybe He could have helped you with the basketball picks.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Money said...

It was Sunday afterall, so the God comments are OK. I think I saw him on the sideline with a helmet, athough that may have been Jeff Saturday.

6:44 AM  

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