Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Good morning to all you addicts who need to check the lines early and make some money for your upcoming trip to Vegas where you will surely give it all to the All-American Bar and Grill at the Rio. The buffalo wings are worth it, but don't sleep on the Huge club sandwich and the O'douls!

Susan B. Anthony has her own currency, so she doesn't need your money, she just needs freethrows to go in down the stretch for the favorite, and the late 3 for the dog! You will make money if you follow the line I will set out for you. College basketball is a game of streaks and runs, the most important run is between the 12 minute and 8 minute time out in the second half. Gaming is the same, with 3-5 postings a day, you will mostly win about 60% of your games, but periodically you will hit 5-7 games in a row. This is where you make money. If you pick and choose which games to play, you are not utilizing the Susan B. Anthony knowledge.

Tonight there is a full board, and the tempting thing to do is play all the TV games, this will be a difficult way to make money. If you want to play these games, play them for 1 unit and play these picks for 2 or more.

Blowout special- Drexel -15.5 hosting Northeastern

High Profile game- North Carolina -3.5 at Clemson. North Carolina will show its domination in the paint.

Hangover, we are not really that good game. Florida St -2.5 at home vs Virginia Tech.

I can't believe you would bet this game. Bucknell will bounce back in league on the road. No line is yet published, but they will be about +2

Out Susan B.


Blogger Money said...

Susan B,
Good luck and thanks for your help!

9:12 AM  
Blogger Money said...

I am with you on the Florida State game, but against you on the North Carolina game. I know that NC has dominated this "rivalry", but I believe that Clemson can beat this team tonite.

Clemson +3.5
Florida state -2.5

3:23 PM  

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