Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We are .... Marshall?

Do my eyes deceive me? The TRUTH is littered with teams like William and Mary and Wright state. I can't speak for Susan, but Money has standards. Money likes to know a player, a conference, a stat, a mascot, something...anything before he can lay down a bet William and Mary +13. I know this about making money and being wright, but being wrong in this case will just simply make you look stupid, which of course I know you are not.

I would love to bet against all of Susan's games, but you did the research on these pathetic teams and I did not, so I will stay away from your games. But, Money is a big fan of the "look ahead game". With that said, I would not bet on either Ohio State -10 at Northwestern or Michigan State -17.5 playing Minnesota. These two underdogs get the luxury of the favorites looking way past them for their own Big 10 matchup.

I prefer to be wrong with at least a team or coach that I can rattle off a few stats from the Money memory bank.

With that said, here are Money's picks for the day.

WAKE FORREST +16 vs. North Carolina
I do not like this Demon Deacon team, but they should still put up a good fight. North Carolina is looking past these guys with their eyes on Arizona.

LSU -7 vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt has beat some quality teams, but not on the road, aside from Kentucky in their last game. They won't do it again.


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your first comments were good, the seconds were not very good.

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