Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Low Profile Winners

Susan B. knows the secret to winning these games. As much as Vegas tries to study every game, they know that we will mostly bet top 25 teams, or teams that we are somehow associated with. For example, how often to you find yourself trying to pick Pac-10 games because they are close by. That is why we will cover Missouri Valley games and others that are less obscure. The only true rule is, "when you think you know, you just don't." I was able to handicap some of these games before looking at Vegas spread. Many of my lines were very close to Vegas, but here are the winners where Vegas and the public will be off by enough points that we can get a win.

***Wright State -7. This should be -9.5 or 10. Those extra points will help. Take the Wright way.

**William and Mary +13. I saw this game as -8 and wanted to take Old Dominion, but at 13 points go with William & Mary, Mit Winter loves this game!

***West Virgina-10. This should be -13, and West Virginia should beat Marshall by 20!

**Tulsa +19. Memphis will win handily, but they will get sloppy down the stretch, and the 20 point lead will turn into a 15 point victory. I handicapped this game at -14 for Memphis, but at 19, I like Tulsa!

Others to Watch.

*Ohio State -10.5
*Drexel -6
**Texas Tech +2.5. Vegas knows something on this game. Texas A&M is a very good team, maybe final four worthy, but they will stumble in Lubbock. Here is a game that Vegas worked on very hard, and they want you to play A&M. Tech is the play

There is a full board out there. Don't get in the habit of playing more than 5 games. Today you have 4 straight plays, and you can mix in the bottom 3 in some parlays.

Good Luck,
Susan B.


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