Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Defend a 10 point Lead!

Gonzaga can no longer be expected to cover double digit spreads! The have no interest in getting a stop in the last 2 minutes and winning by 15+ points. They just give up lay-ups and look for the highlight. This team is a victim of their own success. Players like Micah Downs, and Josh Heyvelt have come to Gonzaga because of the hype. I saw a team rebound last night like the ball was a disease. They simply have no desire to do the dirty work. Only one player on the team truly hustles, and that is a shaggy haired freshman, and I don't even care to look up or remember his name. I liked this play early, but when the gooch, AKA Emslie, was on it as well, I should have known better. If you have to bet Gonzaga, just play the over in all their games. Worst defensive team in the country, expect them to bow out early. The only good news for the WCC is they are so bad, they will likely lose in their own tourney, and might force the NCAA to invite two teams.

Money put out some final four ideas, so I will echo some of his sentiments and add a few of my own.

Florida and North Carolina will make a very strong push to get their on talent alone. Both will be top seeds, so I am not really going out on a limb here, put you can pencil them in.

Kansas, is the most talented team in the country, and has stretches when they absolutely dominate, I would not include them 4 years ago, but Bill Self will continue to make this team better, and Brandon Rush is the best rebounding guard in the country, he will make the big plays. ( Marquette would be the possible upset in this bracket if Dominic James gets 25-30 a game)

The West will have few truly elite teams, but the schedule points towards Memphis moving up the rankings and getting a top 2 seed and then blitzing their way into the final four. If they meet UCLA again, it won't be so ugly, and the game will go to Memphis 86-83.

I will publish the top 4 seeds in each bracket later this week. Before we know it, it will be March and we will be talking Bubble teams. Right now, Washington is still on the bubble, but that may burst for these youngsters soon!

Susan B. Anthony is about 16-9 for the season thus far, I will go back and check the numbers. Not bad, but she is about to hit her stride. See the following games for some winners tonight.

Wichita State +3.5 in a nail biter, always take the points

Illinois -3 at home. Michigan State is counting on Neitzel too much. He shot his wad at Columbus last week.

UNLV + 1.5 This team is quietly moving up the rankings and could be a sleeper sweet 16 team!

Good luck.
Susan B


Blogger Money said...

Well done B. Three for Three! I agree with you on UNLV. As you said, keep an eye on Marquette in the tournament as well.

8:23 PM  

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