Monday, January 29, 2007

Let’s start making some predictions!

I was just reviewing Money’s preseason projections. Click here if you would like to see them. My national champ, Arizona, is not doing so well, neither is my last final four team, Georgetown. I still like both of these teams, but if I were doing it all over again, I would not pick Arizona to win it all or for Georgetown or Wisconsin to make the final four. I think that both the Hoyas and Badgers are capable of making deep runs, but I have my doubts about both of them today. There is still plenty of time for these teams to prove me right, or now in this case, wrong. With roughly two months to go, here is my revised final four omitting all of my preseason picks:

1) Kansas – The more I think about Kansas and their past failures, I start ignoring them and think this could be their year.
2) Texas A&M – No longer a sleeper team. They are, in Money’s eyes’ the real deal.
3) UCLA – They have their flaws; free throw shooting, brain lapses, height, but their defense can carry them again.
4) Florida – You have to include this team. I still think they will find a way to lose, but they have the best talent.

Darkhorse Final Four teams
Georgetown; Can I call these guys a darkhorse if I had them in my original final four? Hibbert and Green may be able to carry these guys.
Oregon; Great guards, no big guys. Villanova from last year?
VCU; Seth Davis’ pronounced VCU this year’s “George Mason”
Arkansas; Well balanced team
Indiana; Putting it all together

Not a believer:
North Carolina and Texas; They are so talented but so young. In a close tournament game, they will collapse.
Ohio State; Greg Oden will be the first player taken in the draft, but the Buckeyes have not figured out how to play him yet, and time is running out.
Wisconsin – Is this a one trick pony team? Alondo Tucker and dominant at home? I guess that is two tricks.
Duke; Their lack of a scorer and their last second luck will doom them come tourney time.
Pitt; Aaron Gray is not the type of guy that can carry a team.
Alabama; This team is crazy bad.


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