Monday, February 05, 2007

No more distractions

I agree with Susan. Thank goodness that football is now over. We can now completely commit ourselves to this fabulous time of year! The Superbowl was horrific as usual. While the commercials were not great, they were still more entertaining than the game. I really don’t understand how/why a company like Prudential would do a superbowl commercial. I can not imagine that the money they spend for a 30 second add can do anything for their bottom line. Some smaller companies probably gain some business with the visibility, like, but this whole superbowl commercial thing has really gotten out of hand.

There have been some games over the last couple of weeks that both Susan and Money agree on. Our success in these games has been high. We both like Texas tonite getting the points. The Aggies are a great team, and will frustrate Kevin Durant and co. but they will suffer a letdown after their big win at Lawrence against Kansas last week. I disagree on the point total, given by Susan. This will be a low scoring game. Both teams played tough games on Saturday and the defense and pace by A&M will keep this game in the 60s. Texas A&M has only given up over 65 points in three games. This is not an endorsement for the under though; I hate playing totals. I do love taking the points though.

TEXAS +7.5 @ Texas A&M


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