Monday, February 05, 2007

Basketball Only

Now that the ugly football game is over, and we don't have to try to figure out why Dungy won't take an easy 3 points to make everyone happy, we can move on to college hoops.

First, Susan B would like to apologize for not being more clear on her picks. Saturday we were 4-4, so no one won money if you played all 8 games. I had been touting NC State for 3 days, and should have made it clear that this was the best pick of the day. I will try to make that note going forward and will put stars next to every play so you can determine where to lay the real money.

Light schedule tonight, but I see some trends where you can make money.

Wright State-11. Wisconsin Milwaukee is on the back end of a road trip. They got drilled by Butler on Saturday and will get drilled tonight. Wright State also has revenge on their mind, losing at Wis-Mil a few weeks ago. 3*** 77-59

Santa Clara-8. They are playing well, they score inside, and they actually do care. USF is never going to be any good. I like SCU to make a big push for the Dance and challenge a cocky Gonzaga team. 72-59. 3***

Games to play because they are on T.V. ( This is my lean, and it makes the game more enjoyable) These are 1* or less plays.

Syracuse + 4 at Connecticut. Both really bad teams, neither one will deserve to win, or know how to win, so it will be close. Take the points

Texas + 7.5 vs Texas A&M. This will be a great game. Texas A&M is a better team, and will likely win the game, but there are many angles on this game.
1. Texas needs a bounce back game after a horrible shooting performance and home loss to Kansas State.
2. A&M just had their biggest win of the season, a let down is imminent.

The confidence A&M has, and the game that Acie Law IV has, will give A&M the victory, but not by more than 8pts. 84-80, A&M.

Loyola Marymount + 12 against Gonzaga. See the article on Defending a 10 point lead. Gonzaga still doesn't realize that teams get up to play them, and the other team is on ESPN for the only time during the year. Take the points and enjoy the back door cover when they make an uncontested 3 or lay-up at the buzzer to lose by 9.

(Look forward to UNC getting some serious revenge on Duke, I have no idea on the line, but I will lay 10 points right now) It will likely be on 3 because they are at Cameron.

Good Luck, Susan B.


Blogger 50 Cent said...

Susan B, Money,

your comment "Saturday we were 4-4, so no one won money if you played all 8 games." upsets me.

4-4 is exactly what the casinos and bookies want. 4-4 means that the house wins the juice and does not take a hit on one particualr game. 4-4 along with parlays and prop bets is how the house stays in business.

1:19 PM  
Blogger 50 Cent said...

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1:19 PM  
Blogger Susan B. Anthony said...

50 Cent, thanks for paying attention. You may be right about Vegas making money here, but if all the gamblers who read this site won exactly half their bets, they would all be much wealthier people. If your bad days are 50% you will be a winner. Money and Susan B. clearly strive for better results, and with a star system we can quantify these results. Ideally, Susan B. would be able to knock Vegas out of business, but that will never happen. So lets just be happy with not losing our asses!

See you in Vegas!

3:18 PM  

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