Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Strength of Schedule

I was checking out the strength of schedule and it was pretty eye opening. There are some teams that are having an OK year, in terms of record, but their schedule has been brutal. On the flip side, there are other teams ranked high and garnering praise from the talking heads, but they have not played anyone.

My east coast correspondent, Bubba Franc, wondered why Villanova was not getting any attention. They have one of the best coaches in the game, a big man in Sumpter, a point guard in Nardi and an up and comer in Reynolds. The answer is simple. They have played a very tough schedule, number 7 in the country to this point. With the abundance of mediocrity in the NCCA this year, teams like Villanova, Arkansas and Illinois (teams ranked in the top 10 SOS) could make a serious run come tournament time. Don’t sleep on these guys!

Who else caught my attention? Marshall (Susan’s team – nice pick today) is 23. Washington (72) and Washington State (122) are headed for huge falls. Their upcoming schedule includes Arizona, Cal, Stanfurd, Washington, Oregon, UCLA and USC. Yikes! Notre Dame is 113 and they suspended their point guard pot. “Thanks for the dope Carl.” Nevada is 120.

The biggest jaw-dropper; Florida is 100. Are they really that good?

INDIANA pk vs. Wisconsin
A true sign of a quality team is beating a good opponent on the road. This is a big test for the Badgers. I will give them an F.

VANDERBILT +14.5 @ Florida
Vanderbilt has been beating up on the top 25 teams, both home and away.

GEORGIA +2.5 @ Tennessee
Susan mentioned “look ahead games”. Tennessee will most likely be without their top player, Chris Lofton, and their next game is at Florida.


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