Friday, February 02, 2007

Super thoughts

Alas, another Superbowl is upon us. It feels like yesterday that I predicted the Steelers to win and cover versus the Seahawks. This year the Indianapolis Colts are 7 point favorites over the Chicago Bears. I really want to the Colts to win. How could you not? They have a great offense and should score a lot. That is what fans want to see. Peyton Manning has done everything right his entire career. He has stayed out of trouble and is extremely modest given his stature of one of the main faces of the NFL. Tony Dungy is a soft spoken coach who tragically lost one of his sons prior to the playoffs last year. Marvin Harrison is perhaps the best WR in the game now, but he never opens his mouth to preach this fact. Their kicker is a stud (sorry Doug). The list goes on and on.

But, this is not a good week to be a Colt. Complications with multiple infections led to the euthanization of Barbaro and the relentless defense and the enormous chip on the shoulders of the Bears will lead to the downfall of hopefully the first of many Superbowls for Peyton Manning and the Colts.

This Bears team is ugly and not fun to watch. There is not one person on this team that I like. But, they have been doubted all year long, but have consistently proven their critics wrong each week. If you take away the stinker game against the Packers (which meant nothing to them), their last five games the Bears totaled 42, 34, 26, 27 and 39. Now granted, not all of these points are scored by the offense, but who cares? This is a very good team in all aspects of the game, and it would not surprise me to see the defense and the special team each score a touchdown.

The media and vegas are slobbering all over the Colts. Money does not like the obvious picks. I am going with the Bears and I am going down in flames. Care to join me?

BEARS +7 vs. Colts
Moneyline Bears +225
MVP Devin Hester +1650
Player to score the first TD Desmond Clark +700
Longest TD Bears +130
Will the Bears score in every quarter? Yes +215
No rushing TD by Colts +145
More catches Muhammad or Grammy wins Red Hot Chili Peppers: - Muhammad -120

If you do find some time where you are not stuffing your face with chips and clam dip, then bet on these college hoops game as well.

ARKANSAS -1 vs. Kentucky
Let’s start off with a couple of picks of teams that Money touted earlier this week. This is an easy pick.

VILLANOVA -5.5 vs. Louisville
Louisville has been playing better but they have not played anyone. Alternatively, Villanova has had one of the toughest schedules in the league.

MICHIGAN STATE +2.5 vs. Ohio state
Gutsy call, but I like this one. MSU has the bodies to hang with Oden.

BOSTON COLLEGE -2.5 vs. Virginia Tech
The Golden Eagles will come into this game hungry and well rested after an easy match up on Wednesday night.

NORTH CAROLINA STATE +15 vs. North Carolina
Rivalry game. Look ahead game to Duke. You name it, this game will have it.


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