Friday, February 02, 2007

Preparing for the Weekend, and Big Dance

There are only a few rules that Susan B. will always follow: one is that I won't bet the Ivy league, so Friday's are usually light.

In light of Friday being off, I will give you some NCAA tourney predictions on the top 4 seeds in each bracket. Hopefully, by 2pm pacific time, the lines for Saturday will be out and I can give you some money making knowledge!

When you read these, remember that the committee always give the seeds to the big conferences, so even if Butler finishes #11, they may not get a top 4 seed. By the way, Duke will be dropping out of the top 10 soon and I will likely have to give them a #4 seed, but they won't deserve it, and may lose in the first round!!!!!

Also, you will see Oregon omitted. They will lose to USC this weekend and this will mark the beginning of their fall. They are #9 now, and will fall out of the top 20.

# 1 Seeds

East- North Carolina- Winning the ACC will give this to them
South- Florida- Obvious, they are good
Midwest- Kanas- Like Memphis, they will beat up the rest of their competition
West- Memphis- As earlier stated will roll through the schedule and move up the rankings, overtaking UCLA (See #2 seed)

# 2 Seeds
East- Pittsburgh- Overrated and will be upset early
South- Ohio State- Tough draw but everyone wants to see the Oden Rematch
Midwest- Wisconsin- This would be a great match up of 1 v 2, but one of them won't make it
West- UCLA- Also a great rematch, but don't count on it, this tournament is going to be NUTS!!!

#3 Seeds
East-Virginia Tech
South-Oklahoma State- They are tough minded and physical, they will fight their way to a #3.
West- Texas A&M- I have them here with the hope that they come out ahead, this bracket will not be top heavy, but will be very deep

#4 Seeds (much more speculative here)
East-Vanderbilt ( Silent assassins, they won't get this, but I don't want to give it to an ACC team)
South-Duke ( Duke has to beat Florida and Ohio State to get to the final four, so they have that going for them, which is nice)
Midwest-Butler, ( I had to give it them)
West-Washington State ( as Oregon folds, WSU will earn this spot with 2nd in Pac-10 and a good tourney showing)

Lets check the lines, and make some pics for Saturday. I am seeing a million games, but I will show some discipline and try to keep it to 5-6 games!( There was just too many, I had to have at least 7)

Blowout Specials-

Memphis-19. They will prove me right as they march towards a top seed. As long as SMU doesn't have Eric Dickerson scoring 3 touchdowns this will be over early. 93-64

VCU-19. A good team looking to bounce back from its first league loss plays the last place team at home. A good sign. 92-67.

Wisconsin- 20. Same thing. Northwestern is going to wish they didn't make this trip. Let's hope the weather is not too bad. 81-50.

NC State +15. North Carolina is due to have a bad outing, especially since they play Duke on Wednesday. UNC 84-77

USC -2. Plain and simple, Oregon and USC are the same team. Playing in LA, I will take USC

Texas-8. Kansas State is terrible on the road, and Durant's confidence is through the roof. He will get 32 & 15 bds. 87-70

Washington +7 at Arizona. Washington really needs to fight for their life. This is a big stretch for me, but I will stick with the fact that Arizona really is not a cohesive unit and Washington is hungry. Arizona in a buzzer beater 85-81.

Local twist with a story
Dick Davey is on his way out at Santa Clara, alumni love him, his teams play hard, but deep down, his current players don't give a $hit that he was pushed out.

St. Mary's -4 at home in a big rivalry game for 2nd place. 69-61.

Have fun. There are many games out there, try to keep these in mind as you game all day in preparation for the Superbowl.

You can tell that I don't play football, but for the Superbowl, take the following:

Colts First quarter, first half, game,
Manning over in yards and completions

Good Luck
Susan B.


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