Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't Back Down Now!

Ok, so we picked too many games and didn't capitalize on the easy winners, that happens!!

Many of us now know that we should dislike Stanford and Gonzaga, they both have some pretty glaring holes. Stanford can't shoot and Gonzaga can't score in the paint! But there will be times to bet on or against these teams again. I have never been to a double Overtime game and left thinking what a lousy game, until last night!

On to today's picks!

St. Louis +7 vs St. Joes. I wanted to play St. Joes, but this line is too high. St. Louis wants to prove they belong in this league, and I think they will compete down the stretch.

Arizona -7. Washington State is ready for a fall and AZ needs to play a complete game

Virginia +1.5 vs Duke. How can the Duke scoreboard operator work a game in Virginia, he can't. Singletary will get 27pts to lead a Virginia victory.

UCLA -8 vs Oregon. This line is all over the place. Oregon is wayyyyy overated and this will be the start of a major slide as they get swept this weekend.

Good Luck,

Susan B.


Blogger Money said...

I don't know much about St. Louis/St. Joe but your pick sounds good to me. I am on board with the Az and Virginia pick. I am a bit weary of the UCLA pick. Two similar teams, not very tall, both athletic, play good defense, etc. I think it will be a very close game, probably end up right around the number. This is a game I stay away from or take the ducks.

Washington -4 is playing better and still has life. They should roll over ASU in Tempe

5:00 PM  
Blogger Susan B. Anthony said...

Dont question a winner.

3-1 every night will be good enough. UCLA had revenge on their mind!

AZ could fold up the tents. No longer a sweet 16 team. Look for them to get upset in the first round, Shakur is too unpredictable as is Williams.

10:34 AM  

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