Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Super toiletBowl Sunday

What a stinker. I love watching the superbowl, but this one does nothing for me. Jerome Bettis is coming home to Detroit and all of the steelers are going to win one for the BUS. Please. Do you think Ben Roethlisberger really cares about winning this game for Jerome Bettis, a guy who he has played with for 2 years? He is thinking about how much his beard will fetch on eBay after he shaves it. The steelers arrived a day late to Detroit. How is this going to affect their performance? Who cares? Will Seattle be able to move the ball against the vaunted 3.14 defense of Pittsburgh? They better, as they will have 2 weeks to prepare for this.

I guess I am looking for more than just “two good football teams” or 2 “hall of fame coaches” battling it out. There are no compelling storylines. Where are the hookers? Do they not have them in Detroit? They could spice this thing up.

With all that said, I do think Pittsburgh will win, and I don’t think it will be close. I don’t think Seattle is that good of a team. They really have not been tested all year! They won 13 games this year. 3 of those games were to teams with winning records. They beat Dallas in Seattle, but Drew Bledsoe handed them the game, throwing an interception with :25 seconds left in a 10-10 game. Seattle kicked a field goal on the next play and won. They beat the Giants, again at home, but AJ Feeley missed three kicks at the end of the game and in overtime that would have won it for the Giants. Their third victory against a winning team was in Seattle against Indianapolis in a meaningless for both.

In the playoffs, they beat 2 mediocre teams at Seattle. Washington had a good defense but their offense was incapable of scoring points. Carolina was using their fourth string running back, due to injuries. Seattle simply had to stop or contain one guy, Steve Smith, to win the game.

The Seahawks have not been challenged this year and were fortunate to have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. At a neutral site, they will be exposed as frauds. I don’t even think Pittsburgh is that good. But, it is the superbowl, so I will watch and bet on it.

Money’s trip to the Bank:
Pittsburgh -4 vs. Seattle
Seahawks suck.

Prop Bets
Heads (coin toss) -105 (I hear the coin is weighted)
Will there be a safety in the game? YES +700 (Good odds, worth the gamble)
Alternate game line: Pittsburgh -17.5 +390 (Seahawks suck)
First scoring play of the game will be: Any other Pitt TD 7/1 (Troy Polamalu interception return for TD)


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