Saturday, January 28, 2006

Four Corners

I have been doing some traveling, not scouting, so I am a bit out of touch with college basketball, but never that far that I still can’t lend my expertise. At this point, my mind is occupied with traveling thoughts. Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes a column and he notes a section of travel annoyances. I found a huge one. Carry on luggage. By definition, this is something that a passenger on a plane can easily fit into the 20 inch by 10 inch box outside the gate. It should not be very big or heavy. And it certainly should not need to have WHEELS! I would say one in three people now have carry on bags with wheels. A tiny bag, that for some reason, you can’t carry, now needs wheels. These people don’t know this, but they are impossible to pass. They just stroll along with their little bag on wheels running over your toes and taking up the space of three people. And then they come to an escalator. They make everyone stop, stand back, and watch as they now disassemble the bag, into what else? A carry on bag. Lame

Money’s trip to the Bank: (Money’s Cash cow to date – 9 wins 4 losses)

TEXAS at Oklahoma -3.5 (loser). My favorite team of the moment is playing my favorite top 25 slacker team of the moment.
WICHITA STATE at Creighton +4 (winner). I know Creighton is in Nebraska, and I think Wichita is in the state of Wichita. It doesn’t matter. I know their mascot (Shockers) and their conference (Missouri Valley)
VILLANOVA at Notre Dame -3.5 (loser). A game Notre Dame has to win. They will lose badly.


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