Sunday, January 08, 2006

Four Corners

I witnessed an interesting day of college basketball on Saturday. I saw a couple of undefeated teams, Illinois and Ohio St, suffer their first loss, as well as seeing some good teams struggle, such as UConn and Gonzaga, while coming out with a win.

What else did I see? I noticed that both Oklahoma and Kentucky are not very good teams, and are in big trouble. While, like I said from my Cinderella team, Iowa and Cincinnati (and even Ohio St in a loss at Indiana) are better than expected.

I also predicted that after sweeping the LA schools, Cal would lose its next two games at home versus the Oregon schools. I was half-right (as opposed to half wrong). They beat Oregon, but lost to the easier team, Oregon State.

Two teams to keep an eye on; Washington state who beat Washington in Seattle, and Texas A&M.

Money’s trip to the Bank

Winthrop +14.5 at Memphis (winner)
I really like Memphis, but I like Winthrop as well. This is just the type of team that Memphis would take lightly.


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