Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

If you still care about Fantasy Football, congratulations are in order. More than likely you are in the championship game or in position to capture the league title. There are some intriguing match-ups this weekend, as you will start to see some teams resting their stars for the playoffs. With that in mind, I will offer my “not so obvious” starting team. If you own Tiki Barber or Larry Johnson, you should start them.

QB: Josh McCown Az vs. Phi
Kurt Warner is done for the year. Great WR weapons at his disposal.
RB: Ryan Moats Phi at Az
Last 2 games he has ripped off big plays for touchdowns in his first carry. He will have a big play and more against one of the worst rushing defenses in the league.
RB: Ricky Williams Mia vs. Tenn
Ronnie Brown is hurt, opening up more carries for Ricky. There is a good chance that Frerotte may not play, creating more rushing situations for Ricky.
WR: Rod Smith Den vs. Oak
The veteran is quietly putting up great numbers again. He will post over 100 yards and a TD in this rivalry game.
WR: Donte Stallworth NO vs. Det
A Saint? Bouman threw to Stallworth more than Horn. Detroit has quit.
WR: Samie Parker KC vs. SD
Kennison is banged up and may not play, creating more opportunities for the speedy Parker.
TE: Alge Crumpler Atl at TB
A must win situation for both teams. Vick will have only have eyes for his big TE
K: Ray Finkel (Lois Einhorn) Mia
Laces out!
Defense: St. Louis
Alex Smith: 10 TDs and 0 Interceptions. Whoops. Typo. 10 Interceptions and 0 TDs. This negative trend continues this weekend even against a porous secondary.


Cincinnati vs. BILLS +14 – The Bills are a better team with Kelly Holcomb. But, that is not what I am betting on. Classic letdown game for the Bengals.
Carolina vs. DALLAS +5 – The Cowboys, aside from last week, remain competitive with everyone they play. Parcells will have these guys ready to play after last week’s embarrassment.
Seattle vs. COLTS +7 – Neat line. The colts a 7 point underdog? The “Big 3” won’t play a full game, but their defense will. This “meaningless” game will be close.
TAMPA BAY vs. Atlanta -3 – Tampa Bay will right itself after an embarrassing shutout defeat last week against New England.

GREEN BAY vs. Chicago +6.5 – Rex Grossman has taken over at QB! Is he any better than Orton? Throw the records out in this game. Packers win.


I now have a new favorite baseball team. The San Fernando Giants led by Ned Colletti. Ned is taking the same fantastic blueprint that Brian “Sabes’ Sabean put together in San Francisco. Assembling a veteran team, that can play defense and pitch. I see a flaw here. Sabes created this team around Barry Bonds, the best player (flaxseed oil-aided) in baseball. Colletti will be assembling his team around Jeff Kent. If you ask Kent, he will tell you that he is the best player in baseball. While, I will admit that I like the gamble the Dodgers are taking on Nomar, I don’t see the other pieces of the puzzle fitting together. Hitching your wagon to Kenny (at 39, we should call him Ken) Lofton at this stage in his career is quite a risk. Bill Mueller will get dirty and play good defense, but don’t expect another batting title from him. Kent will manage to offend any/all players that are not white, and can’t pop a wheelie. “Aw Shucks.” Kent makes me want to puke in a small green bucket. The Grady Little (fossil) signing surprises me, and I can’t see that pick working out.

So what does this mean for the San Francisco Giants? Not much. The Giants won’t be a very good team either. Their infield is just as bad. Lance Neikro or Mark Sweeny will play first base. Ray “Glass Joe” Durham will start the season at second base. Omar Vizquel is great, but he is getting older and Alfonzo or Feliz will play third base. Horrible.

The Matt Morris signing was good, but on this team, he will be a number 2 or 1 (when Schmidt gets hurt) pitcher, when he is better suited to fill the 4 hole…Go A’s.


I love Rodney Carney of Memphis. He scored 37 points, with 10 rebounds last night, leading his team to a victory over Louisiana Tech. Oh, one more thing. This senior comes off the bench.


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