Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Truth Be Told . . .

Featured each week will be this column - Truth Be Told . . . Designed to offer a different take on a topic for you to weigh in on, question, call idiotic if you want. Someplace you can look for news, tips, different takes on the world of sports. Its the roundtable that develops every time you get together with a few friends and talk sports or a centralized location for all those e-mails back and forth that start when you are at work midafternoon bored out of your mind and a buddy sends an e-mail claiming Kyle Orton is the next coming of Jim McMahon. You hit reply while shaking your head wondering what this guy is on and debating whether to respond simply "Donkey - nice passer rating" or actually taking the time to educate him as to why Orton will be on the bench as soon as Grossman is healthy. Call it the written form of "sports talkradio" except its your show, you control the content. Part insight, part opinion, part debate, no limits. It is unfiltered, unfettered. And now it has a place, a name.

There's only one rule: If you're in, make it count. Nothing's worse than going half-assed, being the guy who listens to the debate on who will win the big game and says, "I think both teams have a chance . . ." While your friends may nod their heads silently so as not to hurt your feelings, we won't. Don't comment just to see your name. Pick a side, take a point of view, make it count that you were here. I guarantee if you don't, you will be mocked. Now, you know the rule, you know the consequences, no excuses. Truth Be Told . . . we've needed a forum like this for a long time. Are you in?


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