Wednesday, February 14, 2007


We all know that this is our motto, and UNC lived up to it last night. I know we were all cheering for a double OT blowout, but if that wasn't going to happen, then let the Pseudo-All American miss a free-throw with 15 seconds to go!

If someone has invited you to view this site, and you are not making money, shame on you. College hoops is in full swing right now, but most people won't jump on board until March. Guess what? It gets harder to pick winners in March. That is why we build our Kitty up during February and pick our spots in March. Tonight B. Anthony has identified 7 games that look like possible Vegas mistakes, but on closer inspection only 3 of them qualify. Let's post them all.

The 3 "Vegas mistakes" (picks in bold)

Washington State +3 vs Washington: Washington is at home, has revenge on their mind from an early season blow out, but WSU is simply better. They should be favored, even if you factor in 4 or 5 points for the home court. Take the Cougars!

Virginia Commonwealth-7.5
vs NC Wilmington: VCU is coming off a loss to Old Dominion, and playing a far inferior team. It is a little known fact that their name refers to making money betting money on them. This should be a 13-15 point spread. It is common to get some wealth from VCU! (See my previous plays on them)

Central Florida +2.5 vs Tulane: Central Florida is on the road, but they are still fighting for the 2nd bid from Conference USA. They are winning on a regular basis except against Memphis. They also should be favored in this game.

Blowout Specials:

Memphis -10.5 vs Tulsa: Memphis is starting to get noticed, but they have blown out several teams in a row. The line is accurate, maybe even a half point in favor of Tulsa, but B. Anthony is riding this horse, so should you!

Wright State -13vs Cleveland State: Rollie Massimino has not been at Cleveland St. for a while, and they are bad. This line is inflated due to the 42 point shellacking that Butler put on Cleveland State, but Gary Wright St. will do the same thing. Dream Weaver!

Traveling Nightmare:

Utah State -4.5 vs Hawaii: Hawaii has a hard time leaving the Islands. They played on Monday, and had to head over to Utah State. The weather is only different by 60 degrees!

Drexel -6 vs William and Mary: Just another good team going to keep winning. William & Mary had a good start to the year, but these kids are studying now, and so far under .500 that they will be happy to get rolled and onto the end of the season.

Good Gaming, B. Anthony

(all lines updated 10:42am PST)


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