Thursday, February 15, 2007

Run (away) TMC

Most of us saw the news last week that John Amaechi announced that he is gay. Amaechi played his college ball at Penn State, and played in the NBA for Cleveland, Orlando and Utah.

B. Anthony and I spoke about this and he asked for my reaction. I said “Big deal”. I was wrong and hearing the comments from Tim Hardaway made me understand just how wrong I was. We all would like to think that racism and bigotry is on the decline, or does not exist, but upon hearing comments like this from Hardaway, it is apparent that it is not. The radio talk shows were all discussing what Hardaway said and there were quite a number of people (unfortunately) siding with our little loser Timmy. What an ignorant jerk.

He did later apologize, but he basically said, he should have kept his mouth shut. Meaning, “I still hate gay people”. Why is he being interviewed anyway? We all just need to remember that at the end of the day, these are coddled athletes, who are most likely uneducated. Don’t blame them for being stupid. They don’t any better. Unless it is Charles Barkley, I am not listening anyway.

I still don’t think this is a big deal. However, I am going to take down my Run TMC poster.

On to the picks;

B. Anthony was mentioning “opposite” betting in his post today, perhaps taking a shot at my poor performance last night. This is the nature of gambling, and the key is staying in control.

OREGON STATE +13.5 @ Stanford
I like the Beavers tonite. Yes, this is a very important game for Stanford, but don't lose sight of Anthony Goods not playing tonite. It was the movement of Goods from shooting guard to point guard, and the addition of both Lopez twins, coupled with the benching of Johnson, that propelled Stanford on their winning ways. Guess who is running point guard now? You guessed it; Johnson. Also, points will be hard to come by as well. With Goods out, Stanford is left with one guy, Lawrence Hill, who can hit an open shot.


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