Monday, February 19, 2007

Four score and seven years ago

Today, on this President’s day holiday, Money wants to take the time to honor our fathers who provided the structure of this great nation. While giving thanks, I would also like to thank Jim Naismith, the “inventor” basketball. Without Jimbo, Abraham, and our corrupt bookies in the Cayman Islands, we would not have this wonderful time period we are about to embark on.

This is the time of year that Money tunes out his family and thinks only of spreads, brackets and conference tournaments. Although I have to admit, that I do find my mind wandering a bit and thinking about catchers and pitching reporting for spring training too.

SETON HALL +9 vs. Pitt
The Panthers may be without Aaron Gray and will surely be looking past this inferior Big East opponent. Alternatively this is just the type of game/opponent that Seton Hall will get up for and fight against.

KANSAS -5 @ Kansas State
How you seen how ridiculously dominating the Jayhawks have been? Home. On the road. It does not matter for these guys. They destroy anyone in their tracks.


Blogger B. Anthony said...

Nice work Money. Get the team back on track. Combined 4-1 Sunday Monday after a rough Sat. Afternoon.

7:19 AM  
Blogger robinhaywar said...

Here here Money! I am also with you on taking down your RunDMC poster, I totally shredded my Earkle poster. Is B Anthony realted to SUsan? I have a dollar with her picture on it, trippy.
Ciao? RobinHay

7:50 AM  

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