Thursday, February 22, 2007

Disciplined Gambling (oxymoron)

B. Anthony has been advised by outside sources that 5, 6, 7, and 10 games a day will make it impossible to maintain his once gaudy statistics. He begrudgingly, agrees. Watching the board, and every T.V game is fun, but not lucrative. Those are activities best saved for the first 4 days of March Madness.

Enough said, lets get some winners:

Washington State +2.5 vs Oregon. Two teams going in opposite directions. Defensive teams like WSU travel well, and Oregon no longer has the legs to make big shots the entire game. WSU also has 8 days of rest and has "revenge on their mind." Take the Cougars!

Stanford +5.5 vs USC. I generally don't like the Tree, but this team has 3 trees, Hill and the Lopez twins. If they are one of my picks, it is probably a good thing, because I generally try to find a reason to play against them. Money and I discussed how some teams just don't match up well. If you saw the first game at Maples, USC simply could not get a shot over Brook Lopez in the paint. These type of things tend to repeat themselves. Take the points and expect a barn-burner!

Wright State -2.5 vs Youngstown State. This Wright State team is on a roll. 9 straight wins, and Youngstown State is someone we like to play against. Wright State will win this game to continue the streak, and 2.5 is a safe number. They are a winning program who makes freethrows. Take them to the bank! (late addition thanks to Cosmo Kramer)

Additional Dislocations:

I will closely watch Butler and Memphis. Butler is favored by 10 points and the line should be more like 14. I will stay away from this game, because something is fishy here. Memphis is my favorite team to continue blowing out the weak Conference USA, but at 22 points I think it may be wise to just watch and count how many dunks are out there. If they decide to defend Morris Almond, they will cover this huge number. If not, he will get 38 points and keep it close.


B. Anthony


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