Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blowout specials

As the B noted, there are a couple of blowout specials tonite, namely Florida and Virginia Commonwealth. It should be noted that not all blowouts are created though. I do not think that Ohio State will blowout Penn State. They played each other close the other night, or at least the final score was close and the Buckeyes will be hard pressed to not look ahead to the showdown against Wisconsin on Saturday that will put one of these teams in position for a number one seed. Take Penn state if you have the guts. Money does not.

FLORIDA -19.5 vs. South Carolina
The stars have aligned themselves for this one. Florida is coming off their first league loss, and South Carolina beat up Tennessee in their last game. Plus they played each other already in SC and the game was not close. No reason to think this one will be either.

VA COMMONWEALTH -19.5 vs. James Madison
B. Anthony and I are just trying to train our subscribers to bet on this team now so we all will feel comfortable come tournament time. This team can score.

VIRGINIA TECH -5 vs. Boston College
Is Boston College really that good? I don’t believe they are. They are certainly not capable of beating a team this good on the road. The Hokies are still numb from their embarrassing loss at NC state on Sunday.


Blogger robinhaywar said...

Go, Money, go! Re: Florida/SC...Agent Zero has zero qualities to be a leader. All he is is a big mouth telling everyone how great he is. You never hear the word TEAM from him. caio baby

4:00 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Thanks for reading Rob. I am afraid I don't know who agent zero is.

5:30 PM  

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