Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday!

This hoops season continues to show it's predictable unpredictability. Even lowly Youngstown State fell for the old hangover, banana in the tailpipe trick. After a great win against Wright State Thursday, they have the classic sleep walking game and lose to Cleveland State. Money and B. Anthony are able to identify most of these games before they happen, but even
this one avoided us. If you are going out on your own, these are the type of game you want to look for in the last 2 weeks before the tourney.

There will be some bloody games today, so even though B. Anthony has been making an effort to find underdogs, we have a few favorites today.

Memphis -17.5 vs Houston. Last home game for Memphis, they are shooting the ball great, and Dorsey is the biggest strongest man in the world! They have done nothing to make me think they won't win by 30 points again. And, I am starting to believe they are actually underrated, not overrated! 92-63

Duke -7 vs St. Johns. Like Stanford, I am always trying to bet against Duke. But this Duke is improving and St. Johns is terrible. I know that St. John's once beat Duke in a inter-conference game on a Sunday a few years ago, and this team will really want to try hard and beat the pretty boys from Durham, but it just won't happen. They cannotshoot, make free-throws, or even pass for that matter. Louisville embarrassed them, and Duke will do the same. 72-59

Louisville -1 vs UConn. This simply a momentum game of huge proportions. UConn is going in the wrong direction, and has been unable to turn it around. Louisville has finally matured and B. Anthony cannot pick against them again. I am sure "Anonymous" will love this pick. Take the Ville". 82-70

In the big match-up, I like Ohio State -4, but this game is going to be so fun, no need to bet it. I also like Arizona St. +6 vs Arizona to follow up their only a win in league with a competitive battle against a cocky Wildcat squad.


B. Anthony


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you guys ever thought about diving into the ladies realm? There's some serious money to be made with the gals, and its also a lot of fun to watch. I mean, when they get out on a fast break you get to see a little titty action! That's right...hoops n' hooters!

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice 'Ville pick! They,re on a roll...

1:33 PM  

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