Saturday, February 24, 2007

Picks for Saturday and an early look to Sunday

March Madness takes time off for nobody. Money is touring worldwide gambling centers in the hopes of finally finding a place to sit down, bet and watch every game during the tournament. No luck so far.

BOSTON COLLEGE -5 vs. Clemson
Clemson, who started the season out smoking, has little chance to make the tournament now. BC is fighting for their lives, and will put up a good fight and coast to a 10 point victory in this game.

CREIGHTON -6 vs. Wichita state
The Blue jays face a must win situation here losing 3 of their last 4 games. The apple of everyone’s apple last year, Wichita state, is preparing for an NIT run.

CAL +10 vs. Usc
I don’t expect the Bears to win, but do think they will keep this game close. USC gets up for the big games and coasts through the “easier” ones. Not sure why, but Cal is still playing hard.

Sunday games (Money’s best guess lines)

MARYLAND +2 vs. North carolina
Maryland pulls off the upset and cements a big into the tournament.

WISCONSIN +4 at Ohio state
The buckeyes, like Arizona, are an incredibly talented team, but suffer from chemistry issues, which will be their downfall in this game and the NCAA tournament.


Blogger B. Anthony said...

Good Post Money. I think you will go 2-1 today, BC already in.

I am on Ohio State tomorrow. That line will be closer to 2.5 and they will win. There will be other easier low profile games out there.

12:13 PM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

i LIKE aUBURN +10 AS WELL. Florida probably a good 2nd half play, and everything else out there!

1:50 PM  

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