Friday, March 02, 2007

Freaky Friday

Do you ever feel like you changed lives with a big-time college coach and you are sweating out free-throws? You know that feeling that you hope the big alumni waited until game time to bet on your team so they got them at -10.5 and not -12, as your leading scorer misses two meaningless free throws, and you win by 11 instead of 13. This is the world these coaches live in. They get 500K a year in salary, and 5 million + in benefits from alumni, Nike, and others. There is no such thing as a meaningless free throw.

On to the games on a slow Friday even though the excitement is building.

Cornell -10 vs Harvard. Just another chance for Harvard to fold up the tents and find a reason to get rid of that SOB of a coach.


b. Anthony


Anonymous Anonymous said...

b -

You've been great with the Horizon and Missouri Valley. Thoughts on today's games?

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aside from last night, your picks have been Money. But I have a bone to pick with you. How can it be that you picked two out of five correct last night, but your overall record improved by 3 wins and only one loss? In some circles, people's knuckles get broken for activity like this. If you are going to post your record, it better be accurate. Should we write this off as an honest mistake?

-an old friend

4:00 PM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

I tried to reply to you earlier, but yes, honest mistake. I have updated my numbers. I basically went 2-3 on Thursday night, and 0-1 on Friday. So numbers should match.

Just so you are aware, Memphis won by 11, and that 12 point line I posted, had dropped to 10.5 everywhere. I will take it as a loss, but several readers were winners on that game.

8:30 AM  

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