Thursday, March 01, 2007

The March to Madness!

B. Anthony echos the sentiments of Money and is more than a little excited for March to begin. In honor of that, we will play some conference tournament games today. The best part of these tournaments is that the games are all day long for the next week or so. This means we can watch games on-line all day! Production goes down around the country at a neck breaking speed. The little story about Wrigley touched my soul, but the rest of you should realize, this is money making time. You can't buy more predictable winners than this site has been providing!

Some of my favorite under the radar teams are in action today and tonight, so let get to the winners.

Low Profile Routes

Davidson -12 vs Chattanooga. This was a 30 point game when they last played, and Chattanooga had to play yesterday to qualify for this game. This line is moving up so don't be afraid to get on it. This game will tip at 11:00am PST so don't sleep on it. An early blow-out is a great way to start your day. Davidson has had a great year, but they need to win this tournament to get in. They will likely be facing a talented Appalachian St. team in a few days.

Appalachian St. -12.5 vs Western Carolina. I tried to stay away from this game, but the line should be 20, and Western Carolina played a close game yesterday and will be tired for this one. Appalachian State has some players that can really run. This game will be over early. If your book carries this game, enjoy the lay-up.

Do you see a pattern here?, lets keep it rolling with one more.

Memphis -12 vs Texas El Paso . The last time UTEP had a team that could compete with this Memphis team, Don Haskins was a young man, and he was teaching Adolph Rupp and his star forward Pat Riley a lesson about hoops. This UTEP team is looking forward to the season ending. Memphis is still trying to climb the rankings and prove people wrong. I don't see them giving up 8 straight to end the game like they did last time out. This is another 20 point win.

Great Games

Virginia- 2 vs Virginia Tech. A huge home battle that the Cavaliers will pull off. Va Tech is not nearly as hungry to win this game, and Singletary will light up his home court one more time. A fitting Senior night tribute for him and keeping an ACC top seed possibility alive!

USC +3.5 vs Washington. This line keeps moving up, and the Huskies are a good home team, but not this good. USC needs one win on this trip to feel like they have a great resume. Tonight is the night to get it, they will put all their energy here. Washington is going to the NIT, and their inability to finish things off will hurt them again tonight. This will be a buzzer beater, and USC may just pull off the win in Seattle when the freshman Hawes misses a big free throw down the stretch.

Good Gaming and Out,
B. Anthony


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