Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I feel used

Money and B. Anthony pride themselves on providing insight, wit and point spread winners for college basketball. But lately, all we are hearing is "Gimme the picks". We get the feeling that you are listening to what we are saying, but if we were women, you would just be staring at our breasts.

VILLANOVA +1.5 @ Uconn
If Villanova expects to get in the tournament, and Money believes they are definitely a tournament team, then this is a game they absolutely have to win. They will.

SOUTH CAROLINA +1 vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt is quite the feel good story this year. With that said they are in the tournament and not playing at home, where they play considerably better. Emotion in South Carolina wins out tonite.

AUBURN -1.5 vs. Lsu
LSU’s season ended when they beat Florida.

TEXAS -2 vs. Texas A&M
This game is a trap. A&M should be favored. They dominated the Longhorns last time they played and put up 100 points. With that said, this will be a different game in Austin. Texas could use this game for the NCAA resume as their biggest wins this season have been LSU and Texas Tech, not very impressive.

UNLV -2.5 @ New Mexico
The Pitt used to be an intimidating place to play, almost impossible to beat the home team. Not anymore. This is a game that UNLV does not need to win, but can’t afford to lose. Does that make sense?


Blogger B. Anthony said...


This is a lot of games for you. I like you sticking you neck out there. We are 11 of our last 13, but this is because we were selective. Good Luck. I will post shortly.

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