Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Roll Tide Roll

The season is heating up, and Florida is continuing to lull teams to sleep. Billy Donovan is going to have some tough practices leading up to the tournament, and I think this Gator team is going to hungry by March 15th. I feel sorry for the 15 or 16 seed they play in the first round. They are the type of team that can build some momentum by blowing out inferior competition.

However, I am sure you money hungry folks don't want to hear about that, you want picks. Especially since this site has provided you a combined 11 winners out the last 13 games Money and B. Anthony have taken. B. Anthony respects the opinion of Money so he will pick 4 different games.

Maryland +6 at Duke: This is not a Duke hating pick, as I have been on their side in the past week. Maryland is playing much better, and DJ is hitting his stride coming off a career high performance. His stroke reminds me of his pops years before the crack took over. Duke has trouble with ball pressure and they will see it for 40 minutes. I am not guarateeing an upset, but this will be a very close game. Take the points.

Clemson -10.5 vs Miami: The Hurricanes lost their point guard due to another suspension; their second in as many weeks. Point guards are very important in college basketball, and this will be evident tonight. Clemson will win this game going away, as they are a team who thrives at home and rolls with momentum. They will kick Miami while they are down.

St. Josephs + 12 at Xavier: This is just too many points for a game that has consistently been a rivalry for the past 10 years. Martelli's team is not that far out of it, and they always battle to the end of the year. St. Joe's already has beaten Xavier this year, and although Xavier will have revenge on their mind, they won't win by this much. I had this line at 9, and I see it as a single digit victory for the Musketeers. Take the points and the Bald genius!

Alabama -4.5 vs Mississippi: This will be a bounce back game for Alabama. A loss to rival Auburn has finally woken up this bunch. Amazingly, they still have a chance to get into the tournament. They are ready to make a 4 game run that will have them dancing, and then they will likely win a couple more games in the dance. Ronald Steele is still a very good point guard, and he realizes his career is almost over. This team just took a long time to wake up. Roll tide Roll!

B. Anthony


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