Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Madison Square Garden!

Nothing, I mean nothing, beats the Big East tournament kicking off at 9:00 AM PST and starting the nations down spiral of productivity. They have estimated that ten's of millions of dollars in productivity are lost during this March run. That is only the tip of the iceberg. B. Anthony is focusing on some underdogs today. With two major mismatches. The goal is to keep producing winners, but not get in the habit of playing every game. Money and I will make an effort to post again in the afternoon if new games come up.

On to the winners:

DePaul+ 4.5 vs Villanova: Simply too many points. This game is early, and you can basically call this a 20 minute game as the first half will be nerves and a feeling out period. Nova is battle tested, and will likely advance, but with a freshman as their leading scorer, I cannot count on the cover. Take the points. ( not just because it is first game of the day) (Money is on board with this game as well)

Marquette -6 vs St. John's. This game is not until later in the day, but the line is moving up and may be at 7 or 8 by game time. St. John's should be a 10 point dog, but the Madison Square Garden factor, and the fact that 50% of the gamblers in the United States are in The Bronx have kept this line low. St. John's sucks! Their best player is out, so maybe they played inspired for 8 minutes, but they lose by double digits. If you decide to watch this ugly game, expect missed free-throws and air balled 3-pointers by this bad team from St. Johns. Route! (see game against Louisville and Duke as examples of this.)

Providence +3 vs West Virginia. Providence has a great history at the Garden and West Virginia is reeling. The last time I checked, West Virginia lost all their good players from last years team. That have been doing it with mirrors for a while. Providence has been a favorite at tournament time since Billy Donovan led them to the final four 20+ years ago. Look for Providence to make a run in this tournament and really make it hard on the committee.

Games for later in the day:

Northern Arizona +3 vs Weber State. This will be down to the wire, and Northern Arizona has been my Big Sky pick all year. They will win this game outright and dance!

ASU + 6.5 vs Washington. This is the classic let down game for Washington. Any game not played in Seattle is a road game for Washington. This team is 1-10 away from home. Any people that think this team has a tournament run in them will be mistaken. This is the type of team that not only reads their newspaper articles, but cuts them out and looks back at them when they go to bed at night. The word is, Spencer Hawes' mom has 3200 pages of press clippings for little Spency. He didn't sleep at all last night as he flipped through them!

One more game if you like blowouts:

Tulsa -11 vs East Carolina. If you want to bet against a horrible team begging for the season to end, here it is. This East Carolina team has lost by double digits a dozen times this year, let's make it a baker's dozen

B. Anthony
(83-60-1 ytd)


Blogger Money said...

Good luck today B. Well written and clever post today.

Just a heads-up Jerel McNeal of Marquette suffered a thumb injury in practice last Friday and may not play in this game. He is the second leading scorer.

4:51 PM  

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