Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who does it mean more for?

We have seen a number of trends the last few weeks, and Money has been doing his best to play these trends. The first trend is answering the question of which team wants the game more. This sounds like an obvious question, but emotion is such a huge thing in the college game, that it can turn a close game into a blowout. UCLA had clinched the PAC 10 title and a likely number 1 seed in the tournament when they went up to visit the Huskies in Washington. This meant nothing to UCLA and everything to Washington, as they try and keep their slim hopes alive. Washington was getting 4 points. They won the game by 10, never trailing.

My other favorite betting tool, is taking the home underdog. Very few teams have shown the capability to win road games, and in doing so, gives us a good perspective of how a team might fare in the tournament. In fact some of the name with prestigious road records may surprise you; Southern Illinois 10-4, Nevada 10-2, Winthrop 12-3, VCU 11-2, Davidson 11-3, Drexel 13-5 to name a few.

As we approach the end of the regular season, some of these betting aids will be coming to an end, as there will no longer be any “home” teams and once the tournament begins, I would have to think that it means everything to everyone.

With that, there are still a few more opportunities to test this theory out, including tonite.

WRIGHT STATE +1 vs. Butler
Butler should be in the tournament. Wright state will need to win this game to get in. They are playing at home, so the opportunity is there for the taking. This will be a close game, but as B predicted, Wright state will win.

PRINCETON +7.5 vs. Penn
I hate to go against B. Anthony, but I am forced to. Penn has already clinched a birth to the tournament and has absolutely nothing to play for. While Princeton is still running off their reputation, this is a home game and a chance to take down the league champion. I would not be surprised to see the Penn mascot suit up and play, in an effort to keep the team healthy.


Anonymous Dusty Baker said...

Money, very nice mascot research. The Quaker is almost as valuable as The Tree. Probably worth 1.5-2 points for Penn when they play at The Paleastra, the best arena in the country.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous robinhaywar said...

Love the Ben Franklin mascot. As a fellow Bostonian and apreciator of electricity I love seeing him acknowledged.

1:05 PM  

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