Thursday, March 08, 2007

A little Extra

B. Anthony just cannot stop with 5 picks. I picked 24 of the 45 games that I liked the most. So far I am 5-3-1 on those picks, not great, but not bad either.

The following games were not included in the first post, but some of the early trends I have seen today lead me to play the following:

UNLV -13 vs Utah. This game is in Vegas and is simply a mismatch for the Rebels. They will bring the excitement needed to get a route. Enjoy the favorite.

Washington St.- 2.5 vs Washington. Another very good team playing against a team with hopes. Washington has had a disappointing season, and didn't win any game of significance away from home. It would be a nice story for them to compete here, but it won't happen. Defense, execution, smart play, wins here, and wins comfortably.

Auburn +4 vs Georgia. They just always compete and cover for me. Love the Tigers.

San Diego St. -4.5 vs Colorado St. Too many athletes on the SDSU team, and a lot of illegal money always follows Steve Fischer. These kids know this. Another 10+ point win for the Aztecs.

B. Anthony


Anonymous Andre Dawson said...

The Hawk likes your WAZU pick. As you mentioned yesterday, Spency will be tired from watching his own highlights on SportsCenter all night. Also, Romar won't be focused after partying like he was on a road trip to the LA schools in 1979, and Brockman will be getting the chills because he doesn't know where to score any good Meth down in LA. Hello. NIT.

3:29 PM  

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