Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love Halftime bets

I will admit I am a sucker for a good halftime bet. But what makes for a Money halftime bet? The following criteria need to be met:

1) A big favorite is losing, by at least half (preferably more) than the original line.
2) The underdog is shooting at least above 45-50% for the first half
3) The favorite is shooting around 30% or less
4) The star player has not played well or scored much

If you can hit all of these, (even 3 of 4 is still good) you have yourself a Money halftime play. Such was the case last night for Texas who was favored by 9 points and down 18 at half. Texas was shooting under 30%, Baylor over 50%, and Durant had scored 5 points, on 1-13 shooting.

In the end, Texas came back and won, Durant ultimately scored 29 points, and both teams ended up shooting around 37%. The halftime line was -9.5. Easy Money.

Don’t be afraid to take second half plays that equal or are close to the line for big favorites who can score. Keep an eye on those halftime plays!

BOSTON COLLEGE +11 vs. North Carolina 10:30am
North Carolina is a young and immature team. Don’t hitch your wagon to them.

PURDUE +7 vs. Ohio state 10:30am
Ugly bet, but this is what makes it so good.

ILLINOIS +6.5 Wisconsin 1pm
Home court advantage will even this game out. Wisconsin will feel the pain of big man Butch’s absence in this game.

TEXAS -4 vs. Oklahoma state 1:20pm
The longhorns played bad yesterday. They won’t make the same mistake again today.

BYU +5 @ unlv 4pm
This is a home game for the Rebels, but BYU will still come out on top.

UTAH STATE +4.5 vs. New Mexico state 6pm
Utah State has been kind to Money.


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