Monday, March 19, 2007

Post NCAA Tournament Depression

Well, this past weekend is only the beginning of a long 3 weekend tournament, but it pretty much feels over. The 48 games this weekend were 3/4ths of the tournament. There will be another 15 games to determine a winner, but the real excitement is over. Favorites are winning and covering, UNLV and Butler are nice stories, but can they really win it all?

Let’s talk about the teams that can win the whole thing. Kansas is playing the best, has the deepest team, and they are playing with no fear of losing. I see them playing Florida in the final four game with the winner being favored against Georgetown in the final. The Final Four will be four great teams, and everyone, including Money will be right. Florida, Kansas, Georgetown and Texas A&M will be worthy representatives of a great 2006-2007 season. I am vacillating between Kansas and Georgetown for the winner, but I will stick with Kansas for now. (Please note, I have been pimping Memphis all year, and they are still playing. They are tremendously athletic and can still get hot long enough to make it to the final four. If/when they beat A&M, they will win to get to Atlanta. I am not off their wagon.)

The only thing left to do is pick the NIT winners. There are four solid games tonight, let’s pick the entire board.

San Diego State +8 over Syracuse: The latest rumor I heard is that San Diego State players each have a new step dad when they arrive on campus. Steve Fischer and his dirty tactics continue. This comes from and SDSU recruit who just had his visit. With this type of WAM (walking around money) these players are able to compete with no worries of where they will get their next retro-jersey or meal. This helps a great deal. This line is too large despite the long trip to New York. This line will continue to move up because Up State New Yorker’s gamble a lot more than the beach goers in San Diego.

Mississippi +5 over Clemson: This story has come to an end for Clemson. The SEC has proven to be pretty strong this year, and Clemson does not rebound well enough to win and cover this line.

Air Force -6.5
over Georgia: Home cooking, 3-point shooting, and military precision! (Is that an oxymoron?) Air Force, led by someone related to John Woolery, must be solid. This is about the highest level they can expect to achieve. Like UNLV, they are a good team across the board that will keep winning.

Kansas State – 5.5 over DePaul: This team is prepping for a great run next year. They continue to build confidence with out any true superstars. When Michael Beasley shows up next year, and Bill Walker is back, they will immediately be a top 10 program! They win tonight on hard-work and intimidation alone.


B. Anthony

I will be back with tournament picks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have suffered from post tournament depression but scientology got me through this difficult time. It can do the same for you.

- Maverick

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