Thursday, March 22, 2007

They're Back!

The return of the tournament is back to bring us some relief. Can we learn anything from the NIT this week? I think yes. The four # 1 seeds are going to Madison Square Garden, and it is possible this could happen in the NCAA as well.

Let's just get to the games today!

Kansas -9 vs SIU. This is clearly the best team with the greatest depth. The Salukis will give them a test, and gamblers around the world hope that it lasts for 20 minutes. The best bet of the tournament will be Kansas 2nd half tonight. They will win by double digits!

Memphis + 3 vs Texas A&M. I think this will be a very close game. Memphis is underrated defensively. They will make it difficult to score in the paint and will have a chance at the end to win this game. I have been touting them all year, so I won't go away from it. The likely scenario is that they lose a close game because they miss free throws, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that they make just enough to cover this line, and possible squeak an upset. ( The truth of the matter is that Money really needs A&M to win this game, and his luck has just not been that good!)

Pittsburgh +3.5 vs UCLA. I just decided that I want to cheer against UCLA. Everyone always says that the mentor, Howland, will beat his young jedi, Dixon. But the truth is, the young kid is good. He probably did a lot of the recruiting for Howland, and he has the better post player. We are talking about a grind it out type of game. Pitt is shooting the 3 very well, and UCLA is not. This game will be the one where it finally catches up to UCLA. Last year, UCLA ruined the tournament by beating Gonzaga and turning the rest of the tournament into the anti-offense display. It won't happen this year.

Ohio State -5 vs Tennessee. The Hate for Bruce Pearl is still there, but this is simply a vote of confidence for Greg Oden and Mike Conley. Oden had a broken wrist 3 months ago vs Tennessee and he had 25 points, 14 boards, and 5 blocks. It is going to get ugly tonight. My biggest concern is that he may rip the rim off the basket in the early 2nd half, and I will have to stay up several hours to see the end of the game. Tennessee is not playing at home, and I have seen enough Rocky Top for now! OSU 82-67!


B. Athony
(120-101-4 ytd) Coming back!


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