Friday, March 30, 2007

End of an Era

The tournament is coming to a close, and B. Anthony has talked himself off the cliff. I can make it another 11 months and 6 days before the tournament starts again!

Quick and clean predicitons below:

Ohio State is simply better than Georgetown. Jeff Greene is the only player on Georgetown that would crack the starting line up for Ohio State. Conley will continue to prove that lefty point guards are too tough in college and he will lead the charge. Oden will out play Hibbert, especially running the court.

78-69 Buckeyes.

Florida will get back to the final, and it won't be too difficult. They are a bad match up for UCLA. It won't be as bad as last years final, but close. They can defend when they have to, and they will. Corey Brewer will shut down Afflalo and the options are limited after that.

72-62 Gators.

Good Luck,

B. Anthony


Anonymous The Hawk said...

B Anthony,
Important question -- will Oden break the rim with an angry dunk in the first half or second half?

GTown should have been gone in the Sweet 16 (thank you Mr Ref) and Final 8 (thank you Roy). You're right -- their luck has run out.

Is there anyone in the country who likes Billy Packer? Probably Mateen Cleaves (most overrated college player ever). He owes his entire career to Packer's picklesniffing of him during his senior year.

12:06 PM  

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