Friday, March 23, 2007

No Fab Five here!

Coming into the tournament, my biggest concern with Ohio State was the friction between the upper class and the freshman class for the Buckeyes. Oden and Conley and Cook wanted to do things their way, but Lewis and Butler and Harris were not ready to turn the keys over to the kids. I thought this friction would hurt them, but it has not as they are still dancing, and possibly getting stronger through their veteran leadership. They will have their hands full with Memphis, who knocked off my beloved Aggies team. Money’s favorite Money player, Acie Law missed a lay-up to ice the game. He has since been cut from my team. With the Aggies out, look for Memphis to make it to the Final game versus Kansas, who will still cut down the nets.

Great games yesterday. Hats off to Chris Lowry (Fat guy in a little coat) and Southern Illinois for diving all over the floor making for an exciting afternoon of basketball. Oh, and speaking of the Jayhawks, get in on them early (KU -2) before the line goes up. They will destroy UCLA, who won’t have the home court advantage everyone believes is present in San Jose.

FLORIDA -10.5 vs. Butler
Butler is simply no match for Florida. I still don’t like the way Florida is playing though.

HOYAS -8 vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt will have to play a near perfect game for the upset. To cover the spread, they will have to shoot over 50% from the floor and behind the arc. Won’t happen.

OREGON -3 vs. Unlv
I love this game. Oregon is playing at such a high level right now. Their confidence is through the roof. UNLV is playing well too, but they have fewer players that can make a difference.

USC +8 vs. North Carolina
North Carolina will dominate inside, but have no answer for the speed and athleticism on the perimeter for USC. Money is calling for the upset here.


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