Friday, April 20, 2007

Spreads are just too Big!

This is the playoffs!!! Everyone, and apparently Vegas, seems to forget that teams get exited, nervous, and play defense harder for these games. Several lines are opening too high, while others are simply mismatches for the home team. Let's take advantage of some of these oversights.

Bet with your heart for starters. Warriors at +10 have nothing to lose and will make several 3's that keep them in this game. This streak is just too good for them to get blown out in their first appearance in lucky 13 years. Boom-Dizzle and the points! Warriors

Cleveland -11 vs Wizards. This Wizard team would never have qualified for the playoffs. They should put an injury clause in the playoffs. Mismatch, blowout! Wizards might compete at home, not in the burning river!!!!!!!!

Chicago -4 vs Heat. The Heat will play at home and when they really need to. Game 1 is just not yet the time! Take Gordon to the bank. He will get 30, and Deng will help!

Orlando +8.5 vs Detroit. Dwight Howard is huge and focused. He will keep them in the game, and the Pistons are just too smug and cocky to win by double digits. Howard will go for 28 points and 18 rebounds. 96-92, Pistons. Take the points!

Have Fun,

B. Anthony


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